Marvel Legends Firestar

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Marvel Legends Firestar

A mutant with the ability to store and control electromagnetic energy and deploy them as microwaves, Angelica Jones transforms into the superhero, Firestar!

Originally created and introduced in the 1981 “Spiderman and his Amazing Friends” animated TV series, Firestar would later on appear in the comics as a member of the young superhero group, the New Warriors.

As Firestar, Angelica can use her mutant powers to give herself the power of flight, as well as generate or absorb energy blasts.

She comes with an alternate “flying hair” head for flying poses. The alternate head also features a changed mask as well.

Firestar comes with Ms. Lion, Aunt May’s pet pooch.

For added nostalgia, her insert features the “Spider-Friends” headquarters/ apartment. In a flashback episode, it’s revealed that all this high-tech gear was provided by Tony Stark after the team saved him in one episode (without realizing he was Iron Man). Grateful for saving his life, Tony sponsored the team all the tech goodies they would need to combat crime.

I will never figure out how Aunt May never realized all this stuff got installed into her house. Sure, it “transformed” into a normal apartment when May would walk in, but the actual installation was done how??

Spider-man and his Amazing Friends!

OK, I’ve been wanting these three particular figures ever since Toybiz started making Marvel Legends. The “Spider-man and his Amazing Friends” cartoon was a big part of my Saturday mornings growing up. Sigh.. it’s a shame kids now don’t have quality western animation to watch and reflect upon nowadays. Good thing there’s still Anime.

In the cartoon series, Angelica is mentioned to be dating Peter Parker and occassionally, Bobby Drake (Iceman) too, even though they’re all roommates. Gotta be some awkward moments there.

I’m really happy Hasbro finally released a Firestar figure to get this trio together, but they sure took their sweet time though (we got the 3.75″ version of the trio almost 10 years back). Thinking back, it was nice to watch Spidey have pals on his adventures and Peter not being a solo act anymore, plus, I always did have a soft spot for redheads.

Now I really wonder if Hasbro will release an Aunt May figure one day??


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