Marvel Legends Franklin & Valeria Richards with Turg

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Marvel Legends Franklin & Valeria Richards with Turg

Interesting to see Hasbro still innovating their inner trays as they go on.

Val even comes with extra cardboard to protect her knee joints from getting warped.

Franklin Richards

The first born child of Reed Richards and Susan Storm, Franklin originally had the incredible mutant ability to warp reality, rearranging everything at a molecular level. He also eventually gains the power of telekinesis, teleportation and even “pocket universe” generation.

The figure’s base is a reuse of the Amazing Fantasy/ “first appearance” Spider-man body.

Franklin is using the new “pinless” joints design for his arms and legs.

Lol!! You can see the slots on Franklin’s triceps where the web wings for “first appearance” Spider-man used to be pegged into.

Previously blonde, Franklin decided to dye his hair black after the events of 2015’s “Secret Wars” right before Ben Grimm’s wedding. It sort of makes the figure look really Asian now (to me anyway).

Franklin comes with a pair of lab beakers that we first saw with the Lizard.

Interestingly, Hasbro added blast and smoke effects parts for the beakers. Cool.

Valeria Richards

The younger Richards sibling, Valeria was Franklin’s younger sister who Sue had miscarried years before. Franklin was somehow able to save her by sending her into another dimension, returning years later to be born into the Earth-616 dimension.

The body seems to be a reuse of the old Anya Corazon Spider-girl buck. (Thanks to Miguel Luis Gomez Pigao for the correction aboout the elbows.)

It’s so odd to see pins on the legs but not in the arms..

Valeria’s name was actually given to her by her godfather, Doctor Doom, the arch-nemesis of the Fantastic Four, whom had helped with her complicated delivery.

While she doesn’t have any real superpowers, she does possess genius-level intellect (she being much smarter than her father even just at the age of 3), which allows her to create amazing inventions that can grant her impressive abilities.

She comes with a computer tablet as an accessory (it’s actually packed with Franklin’s accessories for some reason).

Originally only a young toddler, she and her brother have been aged up following the Fantastic Four’s return to the main 616 universe after the events of “Secret Wars”.

The next generation of “Marvel’s First Family”.


Hailing from the subterranean race known as the Moloids, Turg and his siblings are uniquely evolved compared the rest of their race, thanks to the High Evolutionary.

The domed case for Turg’s head is a reuse from the “What If…?” Ant-man head that came with Howard the Duck.

The result of an accident involving a truck when Turg first surfaced to find the Fantastic Four, his body was destroyed and only his head was saved.

The full set.

Overall, a pretty decent set. I was on the fence for this for a long time, as I’m not really a big fan of the kids being aged up so much. I eventually gave in when this set was the last one available at a local specialty shop. The accessories included are a nice touch, even if they’re reuses from previous releases in the line.

This set was released as a Hasbro Pulse Exclusive in the US.


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