Marvel Legends Gamerverse Iron Man Starboost Armor

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Marvel Legends Gamerverse Iron Man Starboost Armor

Based on this armor’s appearance in the Square Enix “Marvel’s Avengers” 2020 video game. The Starboost armor is mostly for upper atmosphere exploration and doesn’t boast much in terms of combat ability, as seen in the game.

It’s mentioned in the game by Tony Stark that this is a “1.4 Billion vanity project”. The stage that the armor is used on doesn’t have much (any?) enemies and is mostly about exploring a satellite around Earth’s Orbit that has a “secret” inside it.

The set comes with the standard Marvel Legends Repulsor blast effects parts (in the game, the Repulsors are for blasting through blocked paths in the stage).

It actually comes with four effects parts, so you can plug into his feet and palms.

I really wish they include flight stands for the Iron Man figures next time.

Heh. I’m really surprised they didn’t give this armor the old “red and gold” treatment and instead went with white. The base design actually looks nice.


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