Marvel Legends Gamerverse Spider-man (2023)

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Marvel Legends Gamerverse Spider-man (2023)

Based on Peter’s new costume for the Playstation Spider-man 2 game. Continuing on from the first game’s storyline, Peter is now more mature and mentoring Miles Morales on how to be a superhero. The story is set to focus on the Venom symbiote story arc, as well as Kraven the hunter’s introduction into this Gameverse’s saga.

The figure uses the same body mold as the Renew your vows 2-pack Spider-man body. The previous version used the Spider-UK head on a 2099 body.

I can’t say I’m a fan of the muted blues on this outfit, but it does seem to match the in-game model colors, so it is what it is.

A point of contention among collectors are the missing hands for the figure. He only comes with a right “thwip pose” hand for some reason. For the price he should come with both left and right thwip pose hands (and more).

At least it comes with a lot of web effects parts I guess?

Since I’m too lazy to dig out some villains to pose the web effects with, I just decided to slap them on Spidey and call it a day. I can just chalk it up to web-shooter “misfires”. lol…

Web splat.

Web wrap.

Web face splat.

I guess the web line gets the most mileage for me.

Overall, not Hasbro’s finest moment. The increased SRP already disappointed a lot of collectors, but the lack of proper matching hands just feels like insult to injury. This one is definitely one for the completists of the Marvel Legends line.

This figure was released as a Fan Channel Exclusive.


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