Marvel Legends Ghost Rider with bike

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Marvel Legends Ghost Rider with bike

After all this time, we finally get a proper Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider in his original blue uniform colors.

I’m not sure if it’s just my figure or if the mold really is that way, but it seems like his jaw bone is too short? I’ve been trying to angle it right so it doesn’t look like he has a short chin but no go. I guess he has to be posed with his jaw open all the time?

He comes with a “flaming chain” accessory.

The bike

The handlebars seem to be easily attached and removed.

I don’t know how accurate this is but the bike only has 1 side view mirror?

The flames on the bike exhaust and front section can be removed, along with the front “shield” portion.

I wonder what would happen if the bike was sentient? Would make for some interesting banter I bet (ala K.I.T.T and Michael Knight).

Johnny Blaze rides again!

I think it would be really awesome if there such as thing as a “Spirit of Vengence” out there righting wrongs…


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