Marvel Legends Giant-Size X-men Storm & Thunderbird 2-pack

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Marvel Legends Giant-Size-X-men Storm & Thunderbird 2-pack


Based on her “First Comic-book-appearance” in “Giant-sized X-men”, Storm is one of the first African-American females created for the comic book genre back in 1975. She has since gone on to be an iconic mainstay and even at times lead the X-men team in the field.

This is one of the first new figures to showcase Hasbro’s “seamless” design for their female Marvel figures. You won’t see the pegs on the sides of the joints sticking out on Storm, unlike with other previously released female Marvel Legends.

She comes with her “action pose” cape equipped by default, and has an alternate “standing cape” included in the package.

She also comes with her “effects parts” hands plugged in by default, she comes with alternative regular “open hands” and “closed fists”.


John Proudstar was one of the new X-men team members introduced (alongside Storm and Wolverine) in the “Giant-Sized X-men” back in 1975. The character was introduced as a brash loudmouth who often had trouble following orders from Cyclops and even Professor X himself. He was shortly killed in action while trying to stop Count Nefaria from escaping, crashing a jet with himself onboard in the process.

As a mutant, Thunderbird has enhanced strength and speed, along with enhanced senses which make him an expert tracker in the field.

While John’s X-men career is short lived, his brother James eventually took up the “Thunderbird” mantle and became one of the longest standing X-men, eventually changing his codename to “Warpath”.

I find it sad that while Storm gets a lot of goodies with her figure… this guy comes with literally nothing. Not even spare fist? For shame, Hasbro….

To make things worse, mine came with a mold defect (again?? First Havok, now this). I will have to place some glue on the piece to keep the band up otherwise, thanks to this defect, it won’t stay in place.

His headband features a couple of feathers.


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