Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 (partial wave)

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Marvel Legends Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 (partial wave)

Adam Warlock
Cosmo the Space Dog

Adam Warlock

Created to be the ultimate weapon of the alien race, the Sovereign, Adam Warlock is prematurely awakened by the High Evolutionary to seek and capture Rocket Raccoon.

I can’t say that the likeness of actor Will Poulter is that good. It seems off somehow.

Some decent detailing on his uniform.

Not to mention printed pattern on his cape.

The figure uses the new “pinless” joint design.

As the Sovereign’s ultimate champion, Adam Warlock is gifted with superhuman strength, speed and regenerative abilities. He can also survive unaided in the vacuum of space.

While Adam is incredibly powerful and nearly unstoppable, he is initially very naive, lacking the ability to think independently. Likely a result of his premature release from his birthing pod. As such, Adam can only be given the most basic of commands and direct instructions.

Kraglin Obfonteri

Former first mate to Yondu the Ravager, Kraglin Obfonteri is loyal to Yondu and the rest of the Guardians crew. Heroic and steadfast, Kraglin eventually manages to properly control the Yaka Arrow given to him by Yondu.

The figure captures actor Sean Gunn’s likeness better than it did Will Poulter (Adam Warlock).

As the figure uses some parts from Yondu, it still uses the “pinned” joint design.

The figure comes with a little knife.

The knife can be sheathed on his left shoulder.

His primary accessory is the Yaka Arrow.

The Yaka Arrow is a special weapon created by the Centaurians using Yaka metal, which can respond to sonic frequencies.

The Yaka Arrow is the same one that came with Marvel Legends MCU Yondu. It can get a bit awkward to pose sometimes though.

Cosmo the Space Dog

Originally just a regular Golden Retriever-Labrador Retriever mix, Cosmo gained powers when he was launched into space by the Soviet space program in the 1960s and mutated thanks to exposure to cosmic rays, gaining powerful telekinetic and telepathic powers as a result. The mutation also grants Cosmo an extended life-span as well.

His helmet is a bit awkward at times. It doesn’t totally close and doesn’t open all the way either.

Take note of the grooves when attaching and removing the helmet. Also, Cosmo’s head needs to come off whenever you attach or remove the helmet, it’s annoying.

In the MCU, by the time of the Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas special, Cosmo has developed powers and has more or less joined the team’s roster. Cosmo is also a female now instead of male in the comics, this is in homage to Laika, the actual female Space Dog of the Soviet Space Program.

Not really the most exciting BAF we’ve ever gotten, but at least we got a BAF? Some of the newer ML waves dropped the BAF concept completely.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 partial wave.

I passed on getting the actual full wave since the uniforms for the GOTG were sporting a very different shade of blue compared to their on screen counterparts. The difference bugged me so much that I decided to only get the new characters from this wave.

Hopefully, Hasbro will redo the rest of the Guardians in the wave in proper colors at some point as a boxset or something, but until then, I’m OK with just these guys and the figures from Vol.2.


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