Marvel Legends Haslab 2022 Galactus

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Marvel Legends Haslab 2022 Galactus

The box details are all clearly listed. The package is really, really huge, spanning 36.25 x 9.625 x 24.25 inches in dimension.

Surprisingly, the set features a second inner box for avid collectors to have a “clean” shipping box to display, free of grime and postal markings. You’ll know which box is which by the lack of printed details on the inner box.

Silver Surfer
Morg the Executioner

Silver Surfer

Norrin Radd from the planet of Zenn-La bargains with Galactus for the safety of his homeworld. Given the Power Cosmic by Galactus, Norrin is reborn as Galactus’ herald, the Silver Surfer, indebted to forever seek out planets for his master to consume in exchange for his planet’s freedom.

The figure features a new headsculpt on the previously-released Walgreens Silver Surfer body.

You gotta love the new headsculpt. It’s a good improvement over the previous version.

Since the body is a reuse of the older mold, it still has the visible pins for its joints.

Naturally, he comes with his surfboard.

In addition to the Power Cosmic granting the Surfer Superhuman strength and endurance, he can also manipulate energy and travel the cosmos faster than the speed of light. The Surfer can also cast illusions, become intangible and even has telepathic and telekinetic powers.

Sadly, he only comes with one effects piece for his hands. The Walgreens version originally came with two effects parts.

Lastly, the figure comes with a effects part display base for the surfboard to ride on. Nice.

The stand features a moveable neck joint so you can reposition the Surfer however you see fit.

Unfortunately, the stand isn’t quite as stable as one would hope, and tends to tip over unless firmly equipped on Galactus’ palm.


Formerly a United Nations interpreter, Frankie Raye was once Johnny Storm’s (the Human Torch) girlfriend. She eventually becomes Galactus’ new herald, gaining the Power Cosmic similar to Silver Surfer. Renaming herself “Nova”, she willingly leads her master to sentient populated worlds, something the Silver Surfer would never willingly do.

The figure reuses the Marvel Legends Shriek figure female body type.

The design of her “hair” can often get in the way of posing the figure.

Like the Surfer, the set also offers a flight stand effects part for Nova, which can function separately or mounted onto Galactus’ hand.

Similar to the Surfer, Nova can manipulate cosmic energy as stellar fire, being able to control it from hundreds of miles away.

Frankie is also nearly indestructible, as she was able to withstand a powerful physical blow from the Phoenix with no injuries.

Nova’s only accessories are two pair of extra hands. One of which is an odd pair for holding items, which does absolutely nothing, as she has nothing to hold onto.

Morg the Executioner

Following Nova’s dismissal by Galactus as a herald, the Devourer of Worlds encounters Morg, a former court executioner of his native planet. Merciless and fearless, an impressed Galactus makes Morg his next herald.

Morg is the only figure of the trio in this set that has genuinely unique tooling from head to toe.

Because of the unique lumps on his hands, they are brand-new tooling as well. Too bad they didn’t include extra fists for Morg.

Morg comes with his double-bladed cosmic axe as his only accessory.

As a herald of Galactus, Morg, too, is imbued with the Power Cosmic by his master, granting him the same superhuman powers as Silver Surfer and Nova. Morg is also able to hurl energy bolts of cosmic energy at his opponents.


Previously known as Galan of the planet Taa from a previous existing universe, Galan bonds with the sentience of the universe after the universal Big Bang. Eventually reborn as the World-consuming cosmic entity Galactus after gestating for millions of years in the new universe.

There are Light up LEDs in Galactus’ eyes and chest. These require 4x AAA batteries. Two for his back and two for his head.

These in turn work in unison in lighting up Galactus’ chest, back and head.

The LEDs on Galactus pulse every 30 seconds and ultimately shut down automatically after 3 minutes. The timer can be “reset” by pushing on his chest button again, even while the lights are on.

Impressively, Galactus stands 31.25 inches tall. I’m fairly sure this makes him the tallest Marvel Legends figure by far.

Sigh… thanks to some rough packing, the paper “cushion” inside the tray got into the leg armor and warped the plate a bit. I guess I’ll have to heat this up and reset it right at some point down the line.

Impressive texturing on Galactus’ body.

While not overtly obvious, Galactus does feature a double-elbow joint.

Similar to the Haslab Sentinel from the previous year, Galactus’ hands feature moving digits in each finger joint. Very, very cool.

In the Marvel Universe, Galactus is the first and oldest living entity in the Marvel Universe. His true form cannot be perceived by most beings. Each species sees Galactus in a different form that only their race can comprehend.

Galactus “devours” planet matter by converting it into energy. While not necessarily evil, Galactus is a part of the cosmic order, functioning as a force of nature, as well as a serving as a cosmic test of survival for intelligent civilizations.

Despite his unimaginable power, the almighty Galactus fears only one thing, the Ultimate Nullifier, a small, unassuming device capable of destroying and remaking the Multiverse. In their first encounter, the Fantastic Four manages to procure it from Galactus’ ship in order to stop his attack on the Earth.

It’s a shame we don’t get voice recordings or sound effects to go with this figure, like how it was with the old Marvel Universe SDCC 2010 Galactus. This figure would’ve been so perfect if Haslab had included it.

The set offers extra face parts for Galactus. Aside from the “angry” face shown above, he also has a “decomposed” face, which happened in the comics in alternate reality settings where Galactus was killed by various incursions ranging from cosmic zombies to the alien species, the Brood.

Lastly, Galactus comes with an alternate Doctor Doom head, based on a story in the comics (Marvel 2-in-One #4 in 2018) from when Earth-18466’s Doctor Doom managed to permanently transfer his consciousness into the body of his universe’s Galactus with the help of a machine. In that universe, Doom spares the Earth but eventually consumes everything else in the universe, leaving the Earth as the only planet left in their universe.

Swapping the heads is easy, this is what the neck joint looks like without a head.

For “interaction” with his heralds, you can place Surfer and Nova on their effects parts flight stands and position them onto Galactus’ open hands. Very nice!!

Too bad there’s no platform for Morg on Galactus, though.

Overall, an amazing, amazing set! It’s really impressive how big this figure is and how much great stuff they were able to include with it. I didn’t have time to break out Terrax and Firelord but I think they’ll look really great along with what’s included here.

Personally, I think this set offers more “bang for the buck” compared to the Haslab Sentinel and best of all, it doesn’t have the knee joint issues the Sentinel has!

Admittedly, I am still on the fence with regards to getting the “Fallen One” herald, as we never really got to see what he was all about in the comics (he was killed right away), but I think I might track it down one day just to complete all the gang.


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