Marvel Legends Haslab Sentinel

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Marvel Legends Haslab Sentinel

The box is ridiculously, over the top big!! Spans 31.4 x 24 x 9.5 inches in dimension.

The light up features require 2x AAA batteries. Batteries are not included.


Bastion is a mystical fusion of an alternate future version of the Nimrod Sentinel and Master Mold. He is capable of turning ordinary people into Prime Sentinels and has absolute control over all Sentinels.

Incredibly powerful, Bastion has enhanced speed, strength and even flight. He can also teleport and has artificial healing factor.

The only accessory for this figure is an alternate Prime Sentinel head.

While it looks good, I really wish Hasbro gave us an entire figure instead and not just a head for a third figure.

Female Prime Sentinel

A female Prime Sentinel. I’m not entirely sure, but is this supposed to be Ginny Mahoney?

As with the other Prime Sentinels, the female Prime Sentinel has increased strength, speed and flight.


Created by scientists with US government funding, the Sentinels were made to “protect” mankind from the threat of powerful mutants from taking over. Over time, the Sentinels became more self-aware and considered humans as a threat to the planet as well.

I really love the tooling that went into designing this figure. This is one instance where I’m really glad Hasbro didn’t go for the simplified, “classic” comic book looks of the Sentinels.

The shoulder pad cover can be lifted up.

The Sentinel stands roughly 26.3 inches tall and supposedly 8.4 Kilos (I couldn’t take a proper reading, as my scale couldn’t handle the weight).

Dang, that is huge…

To get to the battery compartment, you’ll have to pull out the back plate cover first. 2x AAA batteries are required to operate the electronics.

When you first turn it on (by pressing the chest plate), the lights will glow purple, then yellow. Pressing it again will change it to green, and pressing again will change it to red. Holding the button down for more than 3 seconds will make the light last longer. Otherwise, as a default, the lights will switch off after 10 seconds.

When you pop off the head, you get this.

The base of the neck can actually rotate (this is usually overlooked by most folks). So, make sure to use that, otherwise the lights of the eyes won’t line up right when the head is rotated to the side and you get this:

Each of the Sentinel’s digits on its hands have individual articulation. Very cool.

The set comes with flexible cables (tendrils?) that can be pegged into the holes on the robot’s palms.

There’s a wire that runs through each of the cables, so you can pose them however you like, They are also pretty easy to straighten out afterwards, too, for returning to the box.

As big and impressive-looking as this guy is, there are issues with the knees on it giving out. Hasbro used very, very weak ratchet joints and it shows, practically right out of the box. I actually found the elbows to have better ratchets than the knees. It’s fine when it’s standing in an A-stance, but that can get boring quick. The problem is further compounded by the sheer weight of the hulking figure. There is a minor fix for it though, one can opt to pop open the sides of the knees and tighten some screws, but I think over time, the problem will return.

Alternate heads are included for the Sentinel.

“Battle damaged” head and right hand.

“Tri-Sentinel” head.

“Master Mold” head. It’s easily the largest accessory in the set and is very heavy.

“Battle Damaged”

The addition of a damaged right hand is a nice touch. Too bad its surviving digits (including the thumb) don’t have any articulation.

“Tri-Sentinel” – created by Loki at the end of the “Acts of Vengence” cross-over saga. It was then revealed that the threat of the Tri-Sentinel was what caused Spider-man to be given cosmic powers at the time by the Enigma Force.

While having the extra Tri-Sentinel head is a nice add-on, there’s no real point to it, as to “complete the look”, you would need 4 extra arms to plug into the Sentinel. Ah well…

Master Mold – a giant Sentinel created to oversee the mass production of Sentinel units meant to hunt down every last mutant.

The Master Mold mode is the strongest reason for me to buy this this set. As it fits perfectly in scale with other, previously-released Sentinels in the Marvel Legends line.

It’s a shame the set doesn’t come with a proper oversized chair for this bad boy to sit down.

Overall, an incredibly impressive, hulking figure! It just towers over every other Marvel Legends figure. However, the knee issues are a real big problem and it’s a potential deal breaker for a lot of folks. Hasbro really, really should have done a better job, given how much the set costs. I’m also a bit surprised Hasbro didn’t include a voice chip for this, when the earlier SDCC version (and Galactus) came with voice chips. Bummer.

Still, despite the negatives, this one’s still a keeper for me, as I set the bar low for this and really only wanted this for the “scaled” Master Mold mode and it delivered as far as I’m concerned, the rest are just nice “bonuses” for me. Your mileage may vary.

Hmm… I wonder where I can get a proper-looking chair for the Master Mold mode?

I really wanted to break out my ML X-men and older Sentinel figures to pose next to this guy, but I just had way too many errands to do and I couldn’t push through with it. I guess I’ll have to revisit this figure again down the line for a proper group shot.

A big thank you to Alvin Antonio for selling me his Sentinel. I almost missed the bus on this one due to a preorder hiccup. 🙂


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