Marvel Legends Hydra Troopers

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Marvel Legends Hydra Troopers

Previously released as part of the Marvel Legends Infinite Captain America Mandroid Build-A-Figure wave (alongside the A.I.M. soldiers), these guys are now reissued as part of Hasbro’s “Army Builder” solid case release.

The trooper itself is relatively unchanged from the previous release.

His webgear vest is still a bit of a hindrance to his poseability.

Hydra logo

Unlike the previous release, this one uses the same guns as the Hellfire Club Guards, dropping the Hydra-themed rifles accessories entirely.

The original weapons:

Since I’ve already gotten a couple of these from way back in the Mandroid wave, I just grabbed four this time around to round things out.

Man, I really wish Hasbro does “Army Builder” solid case packs for their G.i. Joe Classified 6″ line.


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