Marvel Legends Infinite Series – Captain America Waves 1 and 2

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Marvel Legends Infinite Series – Captain America Waves 1 and 2

Wave 1
Marvel Now Captain America
Red Skull
Hydra Soldier
Baron Zemo
AIM Soldier

Wave 2
Black Widow (Movie version)
Captain America – Stealth Suit (Movie Version)
Winter Soldier (Movie version)

Wave 2

Marvel Now Captain America

Comes with Mandroid head.

With the old Toybiz “Face Off” series Captain America

Shield still plugs into his back via peg and hole.

“When Captain America throws his mighty shield….”

Red Skull

Comes with guns, Cosmic Cube / Tesseract and right Mandroid arm

Lol… love how even his gun has the Hydra logo. 😉

Cosmic Cube (aka the Tesseract aka one of the Infinity Stones in the Marvel Cinematic movies).

I originally thought this gun was the gun Skull used to “kill” Captain America in the Reborn saga, turns out the design is way off, so it’s just a regular sci-fi looking gun. .

I know this is technically a reused Movie Nick Fury body, but it really works well with the Red Skull. .

Hydra Soldier

Comes with 2 rifles and again, the left arm of the Mandroid.

A vast improvement over the previous Hasbro rendition of this figure. .

Sniper rifle?

Regular rifle.

Hail Hydra! (I know, I’m missing Baron Von Strucker and the older Hydra soldiers in the shot, but it was the Holy Week holidays and I couldn’t go grab the figure from storage while the office was closed. 😀 , also plum forgot to throw in Crossbones in the mix… d’oh! )

Super Soldier at work. 😉

Baron Zemo

Comes with pistol, sword and right Mandroid arm.

The son of the original WW2 Baron Zemo, this guy was actually responsible for the formation of the original Thunderbolts team.


AIM Soldier

Comes with pistol, rifle and right Mandroid arm.

Lol… bee keeper outfits anyone?

Boy these guys are tall… even at shoulder level they’re taller than the Hydras… guess being NBA-elligble is part of the recruiting pre-requisite. 😀



Hail AIM…. (hmm… doesn’t quite have the same ring to it…. ). After some research, I just found out that Red Skull and Von Strucker were also part of AIM. Too bad I didn’t add them in this shot.

Super Soldier at work part deux

Wave 2

Black Widow (Movie ver)

Comes with alternate “Avengers” head, extra hands and Mandroid Torso and shoulder cannon.

I dunno…. having her eyes looking up and right kinda seems… off a bit.

She doesn’t come with any guns (huh..) so you’ll have to borrow some guns from other ML figures, I used Red Skull’s here since it was readily available. .

Avengers-styled ‘do

The Marvel Cinematic Avengers are finally complete!!! .

….. all we need now are some miniature Shawarma props and we’re good to go. 😀

Captain America (Stealth suit – Movie Version)

Comes with extra hands, Steve Rogers head and Mandroid’s right leg

Surprisingly, Hasbro didn’t put a hole here and didn’t make the shield attachable to Cap’s back.

I like the new shield strap design, just wish the front strap had more clearance, Cap’s hand hardly fits in.

Open left hand

Pointing left hand

Steve Rogers head

Looks a bit off from Chris Evans… maybe he didn’t sign off on the likeness?

Winter Soldier

Comes with Sniper rifle, unmasked head and left Mandroid leg

Did…. did they borrow the Goblin mask from Spiderman 3??

Sniper rifle

Not to crazy about the overkill eye bags here. Wish they just gave us a blank staring figure instead of this….

Face off!

The SHIELD Mandroid

Not as big as it should be IMHO, but sure beats getting small BAFs.

Even though the lower half is reused from the Iron Monger figure, I love how Hasbro did this figure.


Melee weapon

The full series

Here’s to the The First Avenger


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