Marvel Legends Infinite Series – Guardians of the Galaxy

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Marvel Legends Infinite Series – Guardians of the Galaxy

Star Lord (Peter Quill)

“Space mask” head.

“Purse” …. Lol.. .

Awesome mix tape Vol. 1 (how the hell does it keep running after all these years?? Doesn’t it need fresh batteries now and then?)

The orb (aka infinty stone, aka the Power gem)

Twin blasters


I think the head sculpt is a bit off, not enough brow?

Rocket Racoon

The face kind of looks… expressionless?

With the comic-styled Marvel Legends Rocket


Great details with the tattoos.

Drax comes with his knives.

Knives can be stored in his boots.

With the comic-styled Drax

Ronan-busting space gun (comes with Rocket Racoon)


A definite improvement over the older Hasbro Nova.

Iron Man

Based on when Ironman joined the GOTG team, it is officially called “Space Armor MkIII” . It has the capabilities similar to the Cinematic MK42 (call other armors) and modular components.


Groot stands roughly 9” tall!

The Guardians of the Galaxy

The full wave


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