Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Captain Marvel & Rescue 2-pack

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Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Captain Marvel & Rescue 2-pack

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers is a former Air Force pilot turned Kree-human hybrid due to a transfusion of blood from the Kree warrior, Yon-rogg, giving her increased strength, speed and durability. She also possesses the ability to generate and manipulate cosmic powers as the result of being exposed to the energies of the Tesseract. Danvers can combine also both aspects of her powers, further augmenting her strength and reflexes to immeasurable levels.

Her costume here is based on her look in the Battle of Earth scene in Avengers: Endgame. It actually shares a lot of design elements from the Captain Marvel movie costume.

Sigh, I didn’t notice until I opened the package that the star symbol on my figure’s chest has some paint wear on the lower side of the “star” logo.

Her only accessory, aside from her hands, is a downsized version of the Nano Gauntlet from the big battle scene in Endgame.

I sure wish Hasbro included a base for flying figures. I used a third party flight stand for her flight poses here.

The headsculpt for actress Brie Larson is very spot on. Nicely done, Hasbro.

Rescue armor

Virginia “Pepper” Potts dons the Mark XLIX (49) “Rescue” armor her husband made for her and joins in the Battle of Earth against Thanos’ forces.

The figure is a redeco of the Rescue figure that came from the Endgame “Smart/Professor Hulk” wave, with a slightly different tone of gold paint used.

The Rescue Armor figure does not come with “open palm” hands to plug the repulsor effects into, so they can only go on her feet as “booster effects”.

Unlike the previous release which had working opening panels for her backpack, this time we get alternate “fixed” backpacks instead for closed and deployed wing modes.

Deployable airbrakes on the backpack.

The figure also comes with all-new optional Autonomous Energy Displacer Sentries parts, as seen in the movie.

To attach the sentries you have to remove the air brake panels on the new optional backpack.

The set comes with an “open faceplate” alternate head for Rescue.

Lastly, the set also comes with a “helmet fully removed” Pepper Potts head. The likeness for actress Gwyneth Paltrow is not quite perfect (seems too stern?), but close enough.

With the Mark LXXXV (85) from the Endgame Fat Thor wave.

Overall, a great set. I do wish Rescue came with open palms for Repulsors and that Captain Marvel had some effects parts to use and that both came with flight stands, but the set is still very impressive in terms of sculpt and accessories as it is.


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