Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Happy Hogan & Iron Man Mk. 21

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Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Happy Hogan & Iron Man Mk. 21

Happy Hogan

Harold Joseph “Happy” Hogan is Tony Stark’s chauffeur, bodyguard and one of Tony’s closest friends. After the events of Avengers: Endgame, Happy served as a mentor to Peter Parker (Spider-man). He’s nicknamed “Happy” because he never smiles. Lol… Tony Stark is a jerk.

The body features some new tooling, making it taller than the standard “civilian-in-a-suit” buck often used in the ML line.

In case you missed it, Happy Hogan is played by director Jon Favreau, famous for directing Iron Man 1 and 2. Thanks to Jon Favreau making the first Iron Man movie such a success, we now have the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If anyone deserves to get an action figure in their likeness in this line (after Stan Lee), it’s this guy!

Happy’s skills as a bodyguard usually only involves his past expertise in wrestling, he’s no expert in actual martial arts. He doesn’t carry firearms around either.

Happy’s only accessory is his cellphone. Wow…

The likeness for Jon Favreau is amazing.

Personally, I find it really strange Tony never made a proper armor for his “bodyguard” to wear. Lol, c’mon, Tony.

Iron Man Mark XXI (21) Armor

Also called the “Midas Armor” , this unit is Tony Stark’s 21st Iron Man suit. According to the MCU Wiki, the suit’s specialty is supersonic flight. It appeared in Iron Man 3, as part of the Iron Legion “House Party” Protocol. After the battle, all of the Iron Man suits were destroyed following Tony’s execution of the “Clean Slate Protocol”.

The figure is actually a repaint of the Mark VII (7) armor from the “MCU First 10 Years” wave. It seems accurate enough, even going by the Wiki. But I have no idea if this was the intent from the get go, or if they “retrofitted” the idea coming from the toyline, since we never really have a clear shot of the Mark XXI in the movie.

According to the MCU Wiki, the suit is an upgrade to the Mark XIX (19) Tiger armor, which only specialized in high-velocity flight. While both the Mark XXI and XIX could generate sonic booms, there was a likely possibility the units could fall apart soon after they did. Leading Stark to create the Mark XL (60).

The figure still has the same bells and whistles as the Mark VII figure. Including opening airbrakes on its back.

Standard issue Repulsor effects parts for Iron Man ML figures.

Third party flight stands come in handy for flying poses.

So we now have another armor added to the Iron Legion. Pretty impressive that Hasbro is still building on it, even after so many years since Iron Man 3 came out.

MCU Iron Man Armors released so far in Marvel Legends form:
-Mark I (1)
-Mark II (2)
-Mark III (3)
-Mark IV (4)
-Mark V (5, codenamed “Suitcase Suit”)
-Mark VI (6)
-Mark VII (7)
-Mark XXI (21, codenamed “Midas”)
-Mark XXII (22, codenamed “Hot Rod”)
-Mark XXVII (27, codenamed “Disco”)
-Mark XLII (42, Iron Man 3 main armor)
-Mark XLIII (43, Avengers: Age of Ultron early armor)
-Mark XLIV (44, codenamed “Hulkbuster”)
-Mark XLVI (46, Captain America: Civil War main armor)
-Mark XLVII (47, Spider-man: Homecoming main armor)
-Mark XLIX (49, Pepper Potts “Rescue” armor)
-Mark L (50, Avengers: Infinity War main armor)
-Mark LXXXV (85, Avengers: Endgame Final armor)


Armors missing Marvel Legends counterparts are the:
-Mark VIII (8)
-Mark IX (9)
-Mark X (10)
-Mark XI (11)
-Mark XII (12)
-Mark XIII (13)
-Mark XIV (14)
-Mark XV (15, codenamed “Sneaky”)
-Mark XVI (16, codenamed “Nightclub”)
-Mark XVII (17, codenamed “Heartbreaker”)
-Mark XVIII (18, codenamed “Casanova”)
-Mark XIX (19, codenamed “Tiger”)
-Mark XX (20, codenamed “Python”)
-Mark XXIII (23, codenamed “Shades”)
-Mark XXIV (24, codenamed “Tank”)
-Mark XXV (25, codenamed “Thumper”)
-Mark XXVI (26, codenamed “Gamma”)
-Mark XXVIII (28, codenamed “Jack”)
-Mark XXIX (29, codenamed “Fiddler”)
-Mark XXX (30, codenamed “Blue Steel”)
-Mark XXXI (31, codenamed “Piston”)
-Mark XXXII (32, codenamed “Romeo”)
-Mark XXXIII (33, codenamed “Silver Centurion”)
-Mark XXXIV (34, codenamed “Southpaw”)
-Mark XXXV (35, codenamed “Red Snapper”)
-Mark XXXVI (36, codenamed “Peacemaker”)
-Mark XXXVII (37, codenamed “Hammerhead”)
-Mark XXXVIII (38, codenamed “Igor”)
-Mark XXXIX (39, codenamed “Starboost”)
-Mark XL (40, codenamed “Shotgun”)
-Mark XLI (41, codenamed “Bones”)
-Mark XLV (45, Avengers: Age of Ultron final armor)
-Mark XLVIII (48, Avengers: Infinity War “Hulkbuster 2.0” )


For more info on the many Iron Man armors in the MCU:

Overall, I’m happy (lol) with this set. The Midas Armor may just be a repaint, but at least it fills another hole in the Hall of Armor collection, and Happy really deserves to have a figure made. I just wish it came with extra accessories for the guy, aside from just his cellphone.


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