Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Iron Man Mark 46

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Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Iron Man Mark 46

The 46th armor created by Tony Stark. This suit was worn during the events of “Captain America: Civil War”, where Iron Man had to fight one of his closest friends in order to enforce the Superhero Registration Act.

The figure is a reissue of the same one that came with the Captain America: Civil War wave but with a slightly darker shade of red, as well as a new Tony Stark headsculpt.

This was the first armor created that allowed Iron Man’s helmet to be collapsible into the suit’s collar, which would be the new standard going forward, as opposed to having only removable faceplates such as in the previous models.

Repulsor Rays – a staple in most Iron Man units.

Aside from the standard Repulsor Rays, the suit also featured micro missiles hidden in the suit’s shoulders and forearm-mounted laser beams.

The suit is also able to cast a net to capture targets (it caught Falcon and Bucky, until the Redwing was able to cut them free)

The suit’s most powerful attack is still the chest-fired Unibeam.

Of course, the real reason to get this figure is for the new Tony Stark headsculpt.

The head is easily the best representation of actor Robert Downey Jr in the line. Thankfully this time around the head can be attached to most of the other Iron Man figures (unlike the two-pack with Thanos). At least, I think it can be attached to the other armors. I really hope it can fit onto the old two-pack Tony body that came with the Iron Man Mark I figure.

Overall, not bad. I guess this is a nice one for folks who want to backtrack this armor (increased SRP and all). But the new unmasked Tony Stark head is what this repack is all about. I have to say, despite the reused body, the new head more than makes up for it (for me, anyways).


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