Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Iron Man Mark III

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Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Iron Man Mark III

Based on the final armor Tony Stark wears in the original Iron Man movie waaaay back in 2008. The Mark III has working Repulsors, mini rockets, mini darts among its impressive arsenal.

The set features an “open mask” head equipped by default.

The set also features a new design on Iron Man’s wrist plates, which are shown to be pushed back, just like how they appeared in the movie when he uses his Repulsors.

For accessories, we get option parts for his right forearm (no such options for the left arm).

Mini forearm rockets

Deflection shields

Thanks to a new leg joint design, the whole legs can now be lowered to allow slightly wider range of movement, so you can get Iron Man into his “hero pose” without looking awkward.

Overall, it’s definitely a step up from the 2008 movie figure Hasbro. With better proportions and more gimmicks other than a silly projectile launcher. The only drawback here is that the figure seems to follow a new taller scale that started with the 80th Anniversary Mark VII and this guy is taller than the other older armors (except for the MK VII), hopefully, this means Hasbro will be releasing the other armors in this new scale to make it all work.


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