Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Odin

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Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Odin

Protector of the Nine Realms and father to Thor and Loki, Odin has been around for centuries, often fighting battles against powerful opponents that seek to destroy the fragile peace between the realms.

Odin’s helmet is removable.

The set comes with an alternate “smiling” head for Odin.

For weapons, he only comes with his spear, Gungnir.

Gungnir is capable of channeling the incredible Odinforce, a powerful, mystical energy that grants omnipotence and can only be wielded by the Kings of Asgard. The Odin-force in the comics can even be used to turn back time and even restore destroyed galaxies. Wild!

Overall, a decent figure. The likeness of Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin is spot on! The only downside is that this figure doesn’t come with much else. I was actually waiting for it to go on sale before picking it up, but the figure started becoming less available even without marked down price, so I eventually grabbed it after a year of waiting.

Now to hope Hasbro releases the Warriors Three, Heimdall and Frigga to complete the original Thor movie cast.


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