Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Surtur

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Marvel Legends Infinity Saga Surtur

Box is pretty tall, spans roughly 14 x 8 x 3 inches in dimension.

Surtur is a fire demon, the lord of Muspelheim and one of the most powerful beings in the cosmos. As foretold in a prophecy, it is Surtur’s destiny to bring forth Ragnarok and destroy Asgard, Thor’s home realm.

Lol.. the burned parts make me think of beef jerky.. Fire, bad.

He’s really big! The figure stands roughly 13 inches to the tip of his crown.

For some reason, I find my figure a bit on the sticky to the touch right out of the box. Leftover residue from the paint?

Of course, Surtur has no need for footwear.

He comes with the dreaded Twilight Sword.

Surtur has the ability to manipulate all forms of fire energy, even absorbing the fiery energy from his own Twilight Sword. Upon reaching full power, Surtur’s flames can strong enough to consume all of Asgard.

The proper Thor figure to pose fighting this guy would be from the Avengers Age of Ultron 4-pack, since it’s the only Thor figure that matches the scene from the opening act of Thor: Ragnarok, where Thor fights and defeats Surtur (Thor doesn’t engage Surtur at the climax of the film, just allowing the fire demon lord to run amuck instead).

Overall, a decent figure. It’s big and imposing and Thor fans have been asking for Surtur figure for the Legends line for the longest time, but I do wish it came with an alternative face so we can change his expression a bit, instead of having Surtur with an “O” face all the time. I also wish the finish on figure wasn’t so sticky. I’m no paint expert but if feels like Hasbro missed something when they applied the paint to this guy? Could’ve been executed better IMHO.


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