Marvel Legends Infinity Ultron Wave

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Marvel Legends Infinity Ultron Wave

Moon Knight (MCU)
Mr. Knight (MCU)
Ms. Marvel (MCU)
She-Hulk (MCU)
Kate Bishop (MCU)
Hawkeye (MCU)
Sharon Carter (MCU)
Infinity Ultron (What If..?)

Moon Knight

Former US Marine Marc Spector suffers from dissociative identity disorder. After a near-death experience, Mark becomes Moon Knight, the avatar of the Egyptian moon god Konshu, granting him a special suit of armor and incredible powers in order to serve fatal justice upon criminals.

Interesting markings on his legs. I never noticed that in the show.

Moon Knight comes with his “crescent darts”. One of his suit’s magical abilities is that it can generate an infinite number of crescent darts for Moon Knight to use in combat. The suit also gives Marc superhuman strength, speed, reflexes and a headling factor. The suit in this form also grants Marc the unique ability of flight, which is not available in the Mr. Knight form.

It’s a shame we don’t get an unmasked Marc Spector to go with this set.

The two crescent darts in this set can be merged to form a bigger one. I honestly don’t remember this happening in the show?

Mr. Knight

The naive, meek, alternate personality of Marc Spector, Steven Grant. When circumstances put Steven’s life on the line while he was in control of his body instead of Marc, he has no choice but to generate the Moon Knight suit on himself. This results in an alternate business suit version of the armor, Mr. Knight.

Lol.. ok, what’s up with the weird, chunky feet?

In the comics, Moon Knight adopted the Mr. Knight persona in order to closely work with the NYPD in solving cases as a police consultant. The “business suit” get-up allowed Marc to fit in better during the day as opposed to walking around in a cape inside police headquarters.

Mr. Knight comes with two truncheons, interestingly, these sport some detailed tooling. Nice going, Hasbro design team.

Just like the Moon Knight manifestation of the suit, the Mr. Knight variation can also magically generate weapons out of thin air, as Steven pulled the long truncheons out of his tiny pockets.

An ability unique to this version of the suit (the Moon Knight suit can fly, this one can’t) is the power to turn back the night sky to 2000 years back (with some help from Konshu), as a part of its “divine power”.

Lol.. same dude, different day?

Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan is a Muslim American teenager living in Jersey City. She hero-worships Captain Marvel and dreams of becoming a superhero for the fame and adoration. After discovering a family heirloom that gives her energy manipulating powers, she eventually realizes that being a superhero isn’t as wonderful or easy as it seems.

Somehow, I don’t feel that the likeness is accurate to actress Iman Vellani. In fact, it feels way off.

In the TV series, the producers decided to change her powers from what they were in the comics (she was exposed to Inhuman-creating Terregen Mists, allowing her to change size), this time around, they decided to give her energy-based powers initially activated by the Nega Bands.

It’s too bad the set doesn’t give us any construct accessories to work with.. sigh..

As a human-Noor hybrid, Khan is born with the ability to access the Noor Dimension and manipulate its extra-dimensional energy, reforming it into hard light constructs.


Attorney Jennifer Walters is Bruce “the Incredible Hulk” Banner’s cousin. When Jen’s wounds from a car crash accidentally get contaminated with her cousin’s gamma-irradiated blood, she gains the same powers and abilities as the Hulk. She then uses her new found abilities, along with her legal accumen, to take on special legal cases related to superhuman law.

While I do like the likeness of actress Tatiana Maslany here, I do wish we get an alternate expression for her, her facial expression looks way too “neutral”. This isn’t how She-Hulk is supposed to be…

At least the figure sports very good texturing and paint on the suit.

Since she’s supposed to be big and “hulked-out”, it’s no surprise she’s taller than most Marvel Legends figures.

The figure is actually a lot of fun to pose. I think she may be the best figure in the whole wave.

When they showed the twerking scene in the series, that was when I stopped watching this train wreck. The writers on this show really should’ve done better. The show had the potential to be a solid legal drama-comedy involving superheroes, instead, they just rolled out the worst possible version. Which is a shame, since the casting was fairly good.

I really, really wish they gave her some expression with this headsculpt…. Even a “grinning” headsculpt would be nice, as opposed to this blank stare.

Kate Bishop

A young woman from a wealthy New York family, Kate Bishop follows in the footsteps of her hero, Hawkeye, as a master archer, after seeing the latter in action during the Chitauri Invasion. Her family eventually becomes embroiled with New York’s criminal underworld and she later seeks Clint Barton’s help.

Another figure in the wave that seems really far off from actress’ likeness, you can hardly make out its Hailee Steinfeld. Is Hasbro having problems with their face scan tech? Or are they cheaping out? It’s a shame. I really liked Steinfeld for this role.

Kate’s quiver of arrows gets in the way of her hair and thus, her head articulation. The limitations of posing her head can get annoying at times.

She comes with her bow, but no arrows… seriously, what?

I guess we’ll have to make do with imagination again, eh?


Following the events of Avengers Endgame, Clint Barton deals with the loss of his friend and fellow Avenger, Natasha Romanov, the Black Widow. After saving Kate Bishop from the Tracksuit Mafia, the duo then goes through a series of mishaps in order to retrieve Clint’s old Ronin suit as well as his wife’s watch.

Man, I really wish they gave us a clean, non-beat-up Hawkeye head. This is probably the last time we’ll ever see a figure of Hawkeye made.

Again, no arrows… good grief, Hasbro. It’s not like they had to spend for tooling for it, the Legends Dani Moonstar set came with arrows. Sigh..

It wasn’t until this figure that I realized; Actor Jeremy Renner is left-handed? I was wondering why Hawkeye came with only a right gripping hand for his bow and I had to look up images of him online. Lol… I never noticed it until now.

While I know there aren’t many fans of Kate Bishop in the comics (she’s too “perfect”), but I liked the Hawkeye series (more than the other Disney Plus shows anyway, except maybe Wandavision) since it felt more grounded and Kate and Clint had an interesting dynamic going. Plus, thankfully, they didn’t make Kate “rich, spoiled brat” annoying in the series.

I wish Hasbro included “Lucky the Pizza Dog” to complete the trio.

Sharon Carter

The great-niece of S.H.I.E.L.D. founder Peggy Carter, Sharon joined and became one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s best agents as well. Codenamed Agent 13, Sharon would later re-establish herself as the Power Broker and would rule the criminal underworld of the city of Madripoor after the events of Captain America: Civil War.

I can’t say I like the outcome of this character at the end of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. (Spoiler) She pretty much went full villain by the end, planning to sell high-level government secrets and weapons to the highest bidder, continuing her operations as the Power Broker for personal gain. A far cry from her more heroic counterpart in the comics, as Captain America’s on and off girlfriend.

The likeness of actress Emily VanCamp is a bit better here compared to Kate Bishop and Ms. Marvel, but it’s still a bit off.

I wonder if Hasbro meant to include a hooded head for this figure, to match the cover on the box?

For accessories, for some reason, Hasbro didn’t give her a gun? She only comes with a combat knife.

She also comes with a baton.

They really should’ve included a gun for this figure.

Infinity Ultron (What If..?)

As shown in the “What If… ?” animated series, this version of Ultron manages to take hold of the Vision’s body, kill Thanos and take the Infinity Stones in its home dimension. Ultron then proceeds to eradicate all life in his universe and then seeks to destroy the multiverse following the discover of the Nexus of All Realities.

With the Infinity Stones, this version of Ultron is nearly unstoppable. It’s only through sheer luck and determination that the Guardians of the Multiverse were able to stop Infinity Ultron by jabbing him with a flashdrive that contained Arnim Zola’s virus programming.

It comes with its huge lance, as seen in the What If.. ? series.

Ultron stands roughly 7 inches tall, while the lance is about 10.5 inches long.

The full wave

I gotta say, this wave was probably the most boring series ever in the Hasbro Marvel Legends line for me. I only got a set since I needed 5 out of the 7 figures “character-wise” and getting a full case was cheaper than getting singles, but the whole wave has been really, really lackluster. The headsculpts and accessories are not good for the most part and the BAF is a figure I hardly care about (didn’t get any of the other What If..? animated figures). It’s one of those things that make you question where the line is headed and where I’ll be down the road regarding it, if it keeps up.


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