Marvel Legends Infinity War Scarlet Witch and Vision 2 pack

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Marvel Legends Infinity War Scarlet Witch and Vision 2 pack

Scarlet Witch

I think she’s a reissue from the Abomination BAF wave, but with better paint application on her face? She looks gorgeous! The old version was nice but this totally blows the old one away. Really awesome job here Hasbro!

Scarlet Witch From the Abomination Wave

I’m glad they redid her effects parts. The old ones didn’t really match her using her powers.

New and improved effects parts.


I don’t know, man, Vision’s probably the only guy with the costume in the whole MCU that really turns me off. Maybe it’s because his suit’s texture reminds me too much of Man of Steel’s Superman costume? Or maybe it’s the cape that reminds me of cheap window curtains? I’m okay with him looking like they smeared beet juice all over Paul Bettany’s face, since Vision does kinda look like that, but the costume really didn’t work for me.

The proportions and poseability of this figure are great though.

Up, up and away!

I don’t know how, but somehow these two fell madly in love with one another. I didn’t really buy it in the comics and I still have trouble seeing the attraction in the movie. But if I can go along with Dragonball Z’s Krillin falling in love and starting a family with Android 18, I guess anything’s possible.


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