Marvel Legends Infinity War Thanos Wave

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Marvel Legends Infinity War Thanos Wave

Iron Man
Captain America
Iron Spider
Proxima Midnight
Serpent Society
Infinity War

Iron Man

The Mark 48 is the latest armor in the MCU, aside from the standard Iron Man tech, it also has nanotechnology, which gives the armor the ability of surface reforming. Iron Man can form arm cannons and even reform his legs to form thrusters for maximum speeds.

I do have a few qualms about the figure though, first off, thanks to the design, you can’t put Iron Man’s arms all the way down, his “ribs” get in the way.

Second, Hasbro removed the secondary wrist joint, making the hand now fixed in “palms up” for a repulsor pose.

Captain America

After the events of Civil War, Cap is now a man without a “flag”, in the comics, when he was a man without a country he was called “Nomad”, not sure what Steve Rogers will be codenamed here.

Since he “returned” his shield to Iron Man, it looks like he’ll be borrowing a shield from the Wakandans?

Heh, Cap sure looks rugged this time around. Sadly the head sculpt is all wrong, Cap looks to be sporting slick, long hair as opposed to the spikey hairdo shown here.

I wonder if Cap can still toss the shield around corners, now that the shape isn’t a perfect “frisbee” anymore.

Iron Spider

First revealed at the end of Spider-man Homecoming, we finally get to see the Iron Spider costume in action in the upcoming Infinity War Movie.

Oddly, this time old Web-head doesn’t come with any accessories… hmmmm.. Spoiler props to be given later in a repack?

Proxima Midnight

The figure is based on her appearance in the Infinity War movie and not on the comics.

Boy, she is tall…

It’s going to be interesting to see who she will be matching up against in the Avengers roster.


We finally get Taskmaster based on his classic comics look, the mercenary who has “photographic reflexes” is a good addition to the Hasbro Marvel Legends line.

Anthony Masters has the ability to instantly copy the movements of anyone he sees, from Daredevil to Captain America,.

His shield reuses the classic Captain America shield “clasp” for his arm, it can be folded down and pegged onto his back, but his cape gets in the way.

He comes with his trusty pistol.

Pistol can be holstered.

He comes with a sword, for when he copies Black Knight and Silver Samurai.

Too bad he doesn’t come with a bow and arrow to copy Hawkeye’s moves.


Originally starting out as a supervillain, she eventually joined the Thunderbolts and later on even became a member of the Avengers.

Melissa Joan Gold has the ability to produce sonic screams and uses technology derived from supervillain Ulysses Klaw to generate “solid sound” constructs, which allow her to fly, she can also use her sound powers to influence others through sub-vocal suggestion.

She comes with an example of her “solid sound” constructs.

Songbird is also able to generate sounds of supersonic speeds.

Serpent Society

For whatever reason, Hasbro went with naming this guy “Serpent Society” when his actual codename is King Cobra.

Apart from spitting venom, Klaus Voorhees can also a double jointed and his bones are very flexible, allowing him to slither in and out of buildings. He can also stick to walls and ceilings via tiny suction cups in his suit and has superhuman strength.

So it seems we’ve got a real list of “Serpent Squad” and “Serpent Society” guys going on.

So far we’ve gotten :

Madam Hydra (Viper) from the Arnim Zola wave
Constrictor from the Return of Marvel Legends Terrax wave
Cottonmouth from the Onslaught wave
Eel from the Abomination wave

Hail Cobra!


Hooboy! The big bad in the MCU is finally here! I just wish he was in his “classic” battle armor. He kinda looks like he’s hanging out at a bar in this get up…

Way taller than the previous comics style Thanos.

He comes with a (gasp) completed Infinity Gauntlet! Spoilers?

This puts a smile on my face….

As I’m writing this, the Infinity War movie is still a month away from showing, so I’m working with what I know from the trailers. Seeing Iron Man getting knocked down and Cap struggling against Thanos is pretty amazing in the trailers.


I’m hoping for something like this going down in the movie, but I fear it won’t happen. Chances are someone’s going to die before this scene even happens.

“I’m comin’ for the rest of ya, Avengers!”

The full wave


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