Marvel Legends Infinity War Thor, Rocket, Groot 3pack

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Marvel Legends Infinity War Thor, Rocket, Groot 3pack

Rocket Raccoon

A direct redeco of the Rocket that came with the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Mantis wave, this time Rocket’s sporting slightly darker colors, the same pistols, an additional rifle, but missing the open mouth alternate head.

Ohh.. Baby!

Teen Groot

Groot in Infinity War is now in his teens and full of angst, a far cry from the lovable character in the Guardians of the Galaxy films.

At least he sports some decent articulation. He’s the only new body mold in the set.

Groot also comes with his portable gaming device. Yay….

I am Groot!


Following the events of Thor Ragnarok, Thor is now sporting an eye patch to cover his missing eye.

I really loved Thor’s entrance in the third act, when he finally gets his new hammer.

For some reason, they decided to include Heimdal’s sword as a accessory for Thor. I guess they needed to give him something, otherwise he’s the only guy in the set without props?

I have the power!!!

The three amigos


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