Marvel Legends Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse Stilt-man Wave

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Marvel Legends Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse Stilt-man Wave

Miles Morales
Gwen Stacy
Peter B. Parker
Hand Ninja

Miles Morales

Miles Morales is a young teenager who gets bitten by a radioactive spider that came out of a portal from the multiverse. The bite grants him the same powers of Spider-man and then some.

Hmm.. interestingly, Hasbro changed the way the headswaps are done with Miles. Ball joints on each head now?

Miles comes with alternate “web-shooting” hands.

Aside from being able to climb walls, have super strength, speed and agility, Miles has the ability to shoot organic webbing (instead of relying on mechanical web shooters). He also has the unique ability to turn invisible and zap his opponents with bio electricity through physical contact.

Heh, homemade Spider-logo.

Personally, I’m not really a fan of Miles’ look in the movie, the shorts kind of make him look goofy. I wonder if they’ll change his costume for the sequel (coming in Oct 2022) ?

Gwen Stacy

This version of Gwen Stacy comes from a dimension where she was the one bitten by the radioactive spider instead of Peter and becomes Spider-woman.

Like Miles, Gwen also comes with alternate “web-shooting” hands.

In her home dimension, Gwen fails to save her best friend, Peter Parker, after he becomes the lizard, blaming herself for Peter’s death, Gwen shut herself off from personal relationships, after meeting Miles, she begins to open herself up again to making friends.

Peter Porker is bitten by a radioactive spider and becomes the amazing Spider-Ham! Sadly, the figure doesn’t have any articulation.

Peter B. Parker

Hailing from a dimension where Peter Parker lost everything he ever cared about (aunt May, Mary Jane, even having a steady job), this version of Spider-man has let himself go. He gained weight, dresses like a hobo and pretty much has given up on having a happy life. Still, this version of Peter still has a strong sense of responsibility and rises up to the challenge of saving the day when called upon.

lol… OK, I love the mismatched shoes. You just know you’ve hit rock bottom when your shoes don’t match.

Pete comes with a large soda cup for an accessory.

Alternate head.

While I love the “mask up” look, I do wish they included a proper “fully masked” head for this figure.

Alternate “web-shooting” hands.

I really love this version of Peter, he shows no matter how “down and out” the old “Parker luck” can be, he still does the right thing.


Kingpin’s “gun for hire” in the movie. While just an ordinary man with no powers, the tech in his suit gives him a physical edge in combat. Plus, the theme that the movie plays when he enters a scene is incredibly intimidating. I never thought much of Prowler in the comics, but they sure did him right in the movie.

While having no special powers, Prowler’s attacks mostly rely on his gauntlets, which shoot compressed air and various other projectiles as well as having razor-sharp titanium claws.

SPOILER! It’s later revealed that Prowler is actually Miles’ uncle Aaron.

Personally, I wish they gave this character slot to Spider-man Noir for this wave, but I guess since we won’t be seeing Prowler in the sequel, they had to get a figure of this guy out now.

Hand Ninja

Based on the comics appearance of the Hand Ninjas, these killers are fiercely loyal to the Hand, a shadowy organization of assassins that operate in the Marvel Universe, usually crossing paths with Daredevil.

Sword sheathe

Twin Kama blades

Kama blades were originally crafted to be used as farming tools in feudal Japan, these were later on adopted as melee weapons by trained combatants as well.

Katana blade

I was on the fence on whether to army build this guy, since he’s hard to find locally. I guess I’ll just keep it down to just this one for now.


Previously a petty criminal, Eugene Patilio gives up a life of crime and decides to go straight, actually becoming a crime-fighting hero and he even helped save the day on a few occasions.

I love that you can see his eyes through the mouth of the suit, like a mascot.

Having no real powers aside from jumping long distances, these coils at his heels are probably the most important part of the suit.

As the heroic Frog-man, Eugene has his own arch enemies, namely the White Rabbit and the Walrus, which often get defeated by Frog-man completely by accident thanks to Eugene’s terrible control of his suit’s jumping abilities.



Wilbur Day is an engineer that stole his hydraulic tech from scientist Carl Kaxton, utilizing the technology to build telescoping legs and turning to a life of crime as Stilt-man.

The figure’s long legs are actually an entire single piece. I was hoping it would have a shorter version so we could pose him next to regular sized figures.

The legs have zero articulation.

For once, a BAF figure comes with multiple accessories, scattered across the wave.

Stilt-man uses a special gun that fires a potent stun gas that knocks out his targets.

He also comes with a briefcase full of cash.

Oops… dropped it. Uh, a little help?

Standing at around 11.5 inches, Stilt-man is the tallest BAF figure yet from Hasbro (lol.)

To prevent accidents, it’s recommended that you use the display base to ground the feet properly and prevent the tall figure from falling over.

The full wave

I loved the “Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse movie”! A lot of heart in that one and these figs are pretty good representations of the characters that appear in the movie, but I do wish they made a entire solid wave based on characters from the movie, instead of this “mixed bag” lineup. We’re still missing Spider-man Noir and Penny Parker, not to mention Kingpin. I hope we see them down the road to complete the gang.


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