Marvel Legends Iron Man 2020

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Marvel Legends Iron Man 2020

Arno Stark is Tony Stark’s cousin in a possible future timeline. First appearing in 1984, this “future Iron Man” acts like a mercenary and is less heroic than the original hero.

It’s too bad the face plate doesn’t come off to reveal Arno’s face.

His hip plates are designed like so, but they aren’t removable.

Heh, “QR code”-ish-looking belt buckle.

He comes with the standard issue ML Iron Man figure Repulsor effects that comes with practically every Iron Man figure nowadays.

Since the 2020 armor is meant to function as a war machine, it’s repulsors are always set to maximum lethal force.

The set comes with bootjet effects for old shellhead.

The bootjet effects are assembled like so.

If you want to display him in this mode, you will need at least 10 inches of clearance.

lol… my son calls this guy “Gear Man”.


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