Marvel Legends Iron Man (with Proton Cannon)

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Marvel Legends Iron Man (with Proton Cannon)

Inner carded figure packaging

Plasma Cannon box

To return the energy effects part to the tray, this is how it’s supposed to look like.

Based on Iron Man’s appearance in the 1994 animated series. Ironman wore this popular 90’s version of his armor as he battled the Mandarin and his supervillain thugs as a part of the Marvel Action Hour, which aired back-to-back with the Fantastic Four Animated series. The cartoon ran for a total of 26 episodes.

The figure is a retool of the Iron Man figure from the Ursa Major wave.

The new tooling on the figure now features a deeper recess in the chest area for the Unibeam effects part to be plugged into.


The set comes with two heads for old shell-head. The one with the mouth slit was the one used for season one of the series, while the newer head was used for season two, when they changed animation studios from Rainbow Animation Group to Koko Enterprises.

The set comes with an “unmasked” Tony Stark head.

The head is based on season two’s “mullet” hair style for Tony, which followed Tony’s comics look at the time by artist Mark Bright. If you want to recreate Tony’s “unmasked” look from season one, you can use the head from the 80th Anniversary Iron Man figure. It matches the animation model almost perfectly.

Use this head from the 80th Anniversary Iron Man if you want to recreate the Season 1 “unmasked Tony” look.

The set includes “Repulsor hands” for Iron Man. Too bad no effects parts were included for Repulsor blasts.

In season two of the animated series, Iron Man’s suit could morph into whatever variation he needed it to be from any of his existing designs in Iron Man’s Hall of Armor, greatly expanding its versatility, making Iron Man truly invincible! I wonder why they never got around to making this a gimmick in the comics? I would love to see what adventures they can put Iron Man in with this sort of unstoppable tech.

Obviously, the most important part of this set is the Plasma (Proton) Cannon for Iron Man.

Based on Iron Man’s “super attack” in the Marvel fighting games from Capcom, Iron Man can summon this huge cannon to blast enemies with a constant barrage of lasers.

Iron Man can grip the weapon here.

An effects part is included for this cannon. I really wish it was bigger though. It seems kinda underwhelming and actually diminishes the impact of the huge, impressive weapon.

Lastly, an effects part is included for Iron Man’s victory pose from the Marvel Fighting games.

“Superior Tech!”

Overall, I love it!! The Plasma (Proton) Cannon was one of the few things I really wanted to have for the Marvel Legends Iron Man figures and Hasbro pulled through! I do wish it came with better-looking effects parts for it, but it is what it is. The addition of the animated Tony Stark head from season two was a nice touch too. The only thing missing is a transforming briefcase accessory from the first season to complete the whole ensemble.

I Am….
I Am Iron Man”.

Man, I loved that season two intro song. One of the coolest electric guitar rock themes from my childhood. It sure beats the corny, droning intro theme from season one.


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