Marvel Legends Jack O’ Lantern

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Marvel Legends Jack O’ Lantern

Usually operating as a mercenary who offers his services to the highest bidder, Jack O’ Lantern uses several weapons he’s stolen from the Green Goblin’s arsenal to get the job done. This usually results in Jack O’ Lantern having to deal with superheroes, mainly, Spider-man.

Several people used the Jack O’ Lantern identity in the comics over the decades. The most notable is the ex-CIA operative Jason Macendale, who would eventually become the new Hobgoblin.

The pumpkin bomb can be pegged onto this spot on this belt.

The pumpkin bomb fits into his right hand perfectly.

I love the paint details on the pumpkin head.

Jack’s hovercraft has a removable bottom so you can balance him on a surface. Otherwise, it’s impossible to pose him upright while on it.

Overall, a pretty good figure. While it comes with very few accessories (seems to be the norm nowadays for Marvel Legends.. sigh), at least they did the figure very well when it comes to sculpt and paint details.

Lol… I can’t believe it took Hasbro over a decade to finally give us a Jack O’ Lantern figure.


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