Marvel Legends Jigsaw

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Marvel Legends Jigsaw

William “Billy” Russo was once a violent and deranged mafia hitman known as “The Beaut” before his disfigurement. Following an encounter with Frank Castle (the Punisher), Billy is horribly scarred after Castle knocks Billy through a glass window pane. Adopting the nickname “Jigsaw”, Russo begins his life-long, merciless vendetta against the vigilante.

Sheesh, Frank Castle really did a number on this guy’s face.

Heh, even the back of his head has a scar. Nice touch, Hasbro Marvel Legends team.

Jigsaw comes with a LOT of weapons!

Baseball bat


A Twin pair of long knives (or short swords?).


The set features gunfire effects parts for Jigsaw’s shotgun.

The set also comes with smoke effects parts for the shotgun as well.

Overall, pretty good. I love the effects parts included here and it’s great that we finally get one of the Punisher’s most iconic villains in the Hasbro Marvel Legends line (fugly face and all). The number of weapons the set comes with is pretty impressive! I was pleasantly surprised they packed so much stuff with this guy. This figure was released as a Walgreens Exclusive in the US.


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