Marvel Legends Joe Fixit Wave

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Marvel Legends Joe Fixit Wave

Iron Man (Gamerverse)
Captain America (Gamerverse)
Kang the Conqueror
Joe Fixit

Iron Man (Gamerverse)

A redeco of the previous Atmospheric Iron Man armor figure from the Abomination Gamerverse wave.

The set doesn’t come with any repulsor effects surprisingly, but you can plug in any of the effects parts from the various previous Iron Man releases.

It comes with a Gamerverse Tony Stark head.

The headsculpt for Tony isn’t too shabby.

Captain America (Gamerverse)

Same as Iron Man, this Captain America is a “stealth suit” redeco of the Abomination Gamerverse wave Captain America figure.

The set comes with a new unmasked Steve Rogers head as an accessory.

Ehh… not bad, but doesn’t exactly say “Steve Rogers”, it kinda reminds me of Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad really.

Interestingly, Hasbro invested unique tooling for Cap’s shield, it’s not the same as the usual Legends Cap shield.

The shield can be pegged onto Cap’s back.

I do find that the shield doens’t clip on too well on this figure’s arm, due to the sculpt design on the figure’s wrist. Sigh..


Sam Wilson is the Falcon! Originally a social worker, Sam meets Captain America and the two create the Falcon identity to inspire people. Cap gives Sam extensive training while Black Panther later on gives Sam the flight harness that allows him to fly. To Stan Lee’s credit, Falcon is the first African-American superhero in mainstream comics.

This version of Sam’s uniform is based on the comic series “Captain America and the Falcon” which was released in the early 2000s.

Sigh… the paint bled into the joint, so now I can’t move the entire elbow. Good grief.

I’m not entirely sure, but I think the factory packed the wrong left wing? Unless Hasbro cut corners and just molded out the right wing and used it for the both sides? The tooling is all wrong for my left wing. Boy, this figure is riddled with QC problems. C’mon Hasbro..

The good news is that my figure can still do proper “wings out” poses. So that’s some relief.

Fully opened, Falcon’s wingspan is about 13 inches in length.

My local Toys R Us here in Manila had a promo for every Marvel Legend figure purchase you get a free stand, they used to be Hasbro released stands but eventually when those ran out, TRU started giving out Tamasii stands (knock off stands based on the Bandai Tamashii Soul Stages). They are surprisingly well built, lol, even way better than the legit Hasbro free ones.

Man it’s a shame this set doesn’t come with his bird partner, Redwing.


Originally created by Ultron to be a mate and is given the same thought patterns as the Wasp (Janet Van Dyne). While she is programmed to “love” Ultron, she detests his evil ways and eventually breaks free of her emotional bonds to help the Avengers on various occasions. She eventually develops romantic feelings for Machine Man.

In the comics, her body is composed of titanium steel. She has superhuman speed, strength and durability and is capable of firing electromagnetic beams from her eyes as well as generate a personal force field to protect herself. She also has a holographic projector than can allow her to disguise herself as anyone.

Unfortunately, for accessories, Jocasta only comes with extra hands and nothing else.

Kang the Conqueror

Nathaniel Richards hails from the 31st century and is a descendant of Reed Richard’s father and/or Victor Von Doom’s.

While just an ordinary human and possessing no powers, Kang is an extraordinary genius and a master physicist. With technology taken from the 40th century, his armor is enhanced with increased strength, energy, hologram and force field capabilities.

Usually travelling in his “time-ship”, Kang can travel to any century he desires to plunder anything he wishes to use against the heroes of the 20th century, particularly the Fantastic Four.

Kang comes with a futuristic-looking rifle. Interestingly, the set comes with only a left hand for holding the rifle, so I guess Kang is a lefty?


Eric Masterson was just an ordinary architect when events unfolded that led to Odin giving him Thor’s form and powers to save his life. After a brief stint as the God of Thunder, Odin gifts Masterson with his own personal mace, Thunderstrike, which grants him the same powers and abilities as Thor. To distinguish himself from Thor, Eric creates an entirely different look for his alter ego when he transforms.

Masterson’s hammer is now called a mace and it has a huge letter “T” on it. Somebody call Mr. T.

As cool as this yelling head is, I wish it came with an alternate “neutral” facial expression head.

Sadly, Eric’s time as a superhero would be brief, as he would later on die from a curse. His mace would be given to his son Kevin and he would continue in his father’s stead as the new teenaged hero Thunderstrike.

Joe Fixit

At some point in the Hulk’s long history, the Hulk gains the ability to come out every night, with Banner emerging only during the day. This version of the hulk was smarter, naming himself Joe Fixit, he worked as a morally ambiguous bodyguard and enforcer for a shady Las Vegas casino owner, enjoying the wilder things in life Banner would never, such as women and gambling.

The body is a reuse of the Kingpin mold. The design is based on the Gamerverse skin for the Hulk.

It’s too bad the Fedora isn’t removable.

Joe Fixit stands roughly 8.5 inches tall.

While it’s great that we finally get an updated Joe Fixit figure in the wave, I do wish it came with alternate hands and his dual Tommy Guns to complete his gangster look.

As Joe Fixit (or Sunshine Joe as he’s called more recently), Hulk’s power levels aren’t what they once were. Joe Fixit is considered to be physically the weakest of Hulk’s various forms over the decades compared to the rest, yet is the most sinisterly cunning and cruel, acting mostly only out of self-interest and nothing else. It’s said that Fixit is a reflection of Banner’s innermost base, self-serving desires. Interestingly, he would also serve as a temporary member of the Fantastic Four alongside Spider-man, Wolverine and Ghost Rider when the original FF were presumed dead.

The full wave

For some reason, this wave was never released locally. I was also very fortunate that this was later on offered at clearance prices in solid cases from one of the local specialty stores (thanks Hobby Korner!), which made getting this set even sweeter.


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