Marvel Legends Katy

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Marvel Legends Katy

One of Shang Chi’s oldest friends when he first arrived in America as a young boy, Katy Chen gets dragged into Shang Chi’s conflict with his father Xu Wenwu and joins him on his adventure. She eventually learns archery at the Ancient Village to prepare for the coming battle against the Dweller in the Depths.

Pretty decent detailing on her robe.

Due to the design of her robe, her leg articulation is very, very limited, particularly on her left leg.

The likeness of actress Awkwafina is close enough I guess.

I just wish they gave her a better-looking expression. She looks about as interested in the actual movie as we are. Even the art on the back of the box has more expression.

Katy comes with her quiver. Complete with Dragon Scale Bow and Arrows.

You can also put in the bow into the quiver pack.

While you can sling onto either left or right of the figure, ideally it should be on her right shoulder.

Say what you will about this set, at least they gave her arrows! Something none of the ML Hawkeyes have!!

Thankfully, she can grasp her arrow well enough. It’s not perfect but it will do.

Lastly, the set comes with Morris, the mystical beast.

More properly known as a Dijiang, Morris hails from race of mystical creatures from the realm of Ta Lo. First found by Wenwu on one of his many expeditions to find the Ancient Village, Morris is taken by Wenwu and raised inside the headquarters of the Ten Rings, where it would eventually befriend Trevor Slattery. As a mythical beast, Morris has the unique ability predicting certain events. It’s wings also give it the ability to fly short distances. The actual figure itself sports zero articulation though.

Overall, not that good? While it’s great that this figure gets some really good accessories and the likeness of actress Awkwafina was somewhat barely decent, the robe really hampered a lot of the poseability of the figure. It makes me kind of wish they designed her outfit to be more practical in a battlefield. Who shows up for war in a dress??
Also, let’s face it, as a character, it’s not as if Katy was really necessary to the plot of the movie, it would’ve been just fine if she got left behind in San Francisco. I was actually waiting for this set to go on clearance (which it eventually did) before I grabbed it just to complete the Shang Chi line. But no way was this figure worth the full SRP.

This figure was released as a Target Exclusive in the US.


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