Marvel Legends Klaw and Shuri 2pack

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Marvel Legends Klaw and Shuri 2pack

Shuri (Black Panther)

Based on her appearance in Black Panther comics (Black Panther Vol. 5), she dons the mantle of Black Panther following her brother T’Challa becoming comatose after being attacked by Doctor Doom in the Dark Reign story arc.

Her cape is removable.

She comes with her staff.

After consuming the heart-shaped herb, she gains the powers of Black Panther, including enhanced speed, strength and reflexes. After her training under a griot spirit, she learns the ability to turn her body into flexible stone, reanimate Wakandan corpses for short periods of time and the ability to transform into a flock of black birds.


In the comics, Ulysses Klaue was a Nazi sent by Adolf Hitler to steal the secrets of Vibranium from Wakanda. After WWII he anglicized his name to Klaw and manages to use Vibranium to create solid constructs from sound.

Klaw kills T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka, during an invasion of Wakanda. Klaw loses his right hand to T’Challa in battle and years later, Klaw returns with a sonic emitter gun attached to his lost right arm.

Apart from being able to generate solid constructs using sound, Klaw is able to use sound to blast concussion blasts at his opponent and sense his surroundings using sonar.

Klaw was originally released in the Marvel Legends line in the Return of Marvel Legends Terrax wave (Return of Marvel Legends Wave 1), but this new version looks better proportioned and is a big improvement over the previous release.


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