Marvel Legends Konshu (partial) Wave

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Marvel Legends Konshu (partial) Wave

Agent Jimmy Woo
Howard the Duck
Red Skull

Agent Jimmy Woo

A former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who then joined the FBI, Jimmy Woo was first featured as a parole officer for Scott Lang in the second Ant Man movie. He would later again be seen in Wandavision as a federal liaison working with S.W.O.R.D.

The likeness of actor Randall Park isn’t quite spot on IMHO.

For accessories, he only comes with a “card trick” left hand, as seen in Wandavision. It’s a nice nod to the same trick Scott Lang showed him in Ant Man.

He also comes with his badge.

It’s a shame Jimmy doesn’t come with his Gov’t issued Glock 17 sidearm. He’s a federal agent, he should come with his gun.

“You carry a badge? Carry a gun.” – Jim Malone (Sean Connery) in Untouchables.

All this guy’s got is a card trick and a badge… sheesh.

He Who Remains

Nathaniel Richards is a scientist from the 31st century who first discovered a way to come into contact with alternate dimensional versions of himself. After a long, multiversal war against his other “variants”, Nathaniel eventually created the Alioth creature to prevent other timelines from returning and founded the Time Variance Authority to preserve the “sacred timeline”.

The likeness of actor Jonathan Majors is pretty good. Certainly better than Jimmy Woo/ Randall Park.

He comes with the “Multifunctional Tool” sculpted onto his left hand. It’s a superior version than those used by the agents of the TVA (Time Variance Authority) in the Loki series.

For accessories, he only comes with an … apple? Granted he doesn’t do anything but talk a lot in the Loki Disney+ series, I wish they included something more for this guy.

In the Loki series, it is later explained that Nathaniel has an evil counterpart that is hellbent on conquering all other realities, while he was the one who tried his best to preserve the sacred timeline for eons. Fans of the comics will know that he is referring to Kang the Conqueror, whom we saw in the third Ant Man movie.

Howard the Duck

Howard Duckson, an alien lifeform resembling an anthropomorphic duck, was first seen in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie post credits scene as a part of the Collector’s (Taneleer Tivan) museum. He then occasionally appears in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies as a cameo character.

While this figure is based on the “What If…?” cartoon series. It’s close enough for me for the MCU version, since it’s highly doubtful we’ll ever get a proper MCU Howard the Duck figure after this one.

The figure has nothing below the waist in terms of articulation. Sheesh.

Thankfully, at least we get shoulders and elbows articulation on this figure.

His hat is actually NOT removable, you can try to pry it free if you wish, but note that there is a peg that will tear if you do try it.

The leftover glue residue isn’t too terrible though.

The hat can still be placed on Howard’s head no problem, just don’t expect it to firmly hold on.

While Howard resembles a humanoid duck, he is actually pretty durable, being able to survive a blast caused by the Power Stone unharmed in GOTG Vol. 1, that counts for something.

Howard’s only accessory is the severed alternate reality Scott Lang head, as seen in the What If…? animated series episode set in the Marvel Zombies reality.

The head doesn’t sport any articulation at all though.

Heh.. not Scott Lang’s finest moment… The sculpt actually reminds me of Saul Goodman (actor Bob Odenkirk) from “Better Call Saul”, than a properly “tooned” Scott Lang (Paul Rudd).

Lol… this really reminds me of the comics-styled Spider-ham figure we got from the Monster Venom wave, we got the same deal with the points of articulation. Geez, Hasbro.

Red Skull

Johann Schmidt is the head of Hydra, the special weapons division of the Nazi war machine during WWII. Injecting himself with the experimental, unperfected Super Soldier Serum, Johann’s face becomes grossly disfigured. Renaming himself the Red Skull, he would later go on to become Captain America’s greatest nemesis during the war.

The figure is a reuse of the previous Red Skull from the 2018 SDCC Tesseract release, with a new head.

Back then, I passed on getting the SDCC version, since I felt it was too pricey just to get the Red Skull figure. Thankfully, this new release scratches that itch. While this new Red Skull head sculpt looks less movie accurate, I do prefer the vibrant colors and cleaner-looking sculpt than the SDCC version.

I really like the Nazi SS officer uniform design for this Red Skull. It makes him look more menacing. I’m super happy to get this buck without having to pay crazy post-SDCC prices for it.

One downside to this set is that the rubbery waist of the coat tends to bulge a little. I wonder if this is just my copy?

Another downside here is that the body is smaller in size and frame than most Marvel Legends figures, it’s quite shorter than most versions of Captain America figures.

He only comes with one accessory though, the Tesseract cube.

The cube fits snugly in his hands, it won’t fall off even if you tilt the figure upside down.

The previous Red Skull from the “First Ten Years” wave.


An Egyptian god of moon and night sky, Khonshu choses those he deems worthy, whom he calls “Moon Knights”, to operate as his avatars and dispense brutal justice on the guilty and protect the innocent.

As an immortal “god” Khonshu has several incredible powers, including teleportation, power bestowal, sky manipulation, telepathy, possession, telekinesis and size manipulation.

Do note that the figure’s neck is made from clear plastic. I hope it won’t crack easily over time.

That bird-skull is really well made. Kudos to the design team on this.

Khonshu comes with his crescent moon staff.

Konshu stands roughly 8.5 inches tall, while his staff reaches 10.5 inches in length.

With his avatars, the Moon Knight and the suit’s alternate form, Mr. Knight (from the What If..? Ultron wave).

A large part of me believes Khonshu should’ve been in the same wave as Moon Knight, but Hasbro decided to split them up to get folks to buy separate waves (coz no one really wants the Infinity Ultron). Diabolical…

The partial wave

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of the Marvel Zombies concept from the What If…? saga. So I passed on getting a couple of figures in this wave (Zombie Iron Man and Wanda, plus “classic” old man Loki) to save some cash. Fortunately, a local store was offering pre-orders for Khonshu, so I was able to go selective for this wave.


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