Marvel Legends Legendary Riders Professor X

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Marvel Legends Legendary Riders Professor X

Man, it took Hasbro a long while (they’ve had the Marvel License since 2006!!!!) but we are finally getting a Professor X figure. Hehe, since it’s a reuse of the existing “guy in a suit” body, the figure can stand without the chair.

The hover chair does require some assembly and sadly, it does not roll. The good news is all the parts can be disassembled and returned to the box.

The set also comes with a faux “blanket” so you can tuck the Prof. in place. That’s adorable.

Hasbro included a Cerebro helmet so you can equip it on the Professor.

I really wish they used clear plastic here instead of white. It looks like Iceman beaned the Prof with one of his snowballs. Luckily, the effect part can be removed.


Lastly, the chair features hidden control panels that slide open. Pretty nifty.

Looks like the Prof. is playing video games when no one is watching. lol!

Also included with this set is the head of one of Prof. X’s nemesis, the Shadow King. However, to make it work, you will need the Kingpin BAF figure from the Spider-man Kingpin wave.

Amahl Farouk is an Egyptian mutant with the powers of telepathy and can possess any subject. He is also integral in X-Man Storm’s backstory. He is later written to be an immortal who originated from the dawn of humanity.

Unfortunately, to make the whole Shadow King look work, you’ll have to also swap out Kingpin’s “human” hands (Venom’s hands work) but I just didn’t feel like having to go dig out the hands from storage. Alternately, you can also use Caliban’s hands from the X-men Caliban wave too. I wish they included the hands for Shadow King as well with this set.

Let’s roll!


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