Marvel Legends “Love Triangle” 3-pack (Wolverine, Jean Grey, Cyclops )

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Marvel Legends “Love Triangle” 3-pack (Wolverine, Jean Grey, Cyclops )

Jean Grey


The field team leader for the X-men, Cyclops can create optic blasts by metabolizing solar radiation in his body and expelling them as concussive force beams through his eyes.

Sigh.. he still comes with those silly bands for “boot cuffs”, which tend to fall down easily. C’mon Hasbro…

The “bomber jacket” is a reuse of the one that came with Old Man Logan, but reuses arms from Multiple Man and has an X-team logo.

His belt buckle is a bit hard to center, I find it easier to center when you unclip the tab in the belt’s back, but it’s still tricky.

He also comes with a left hand for his optic blast visor.

Alternate heads. Though I would’ve preferred effects parts for his optic blasts, instead of two civilian heads??

While he has his “alpha level” optic blast mutant power, Cyclops only has average human strength and durability. He’s also a master strategist and martial artist, making him a dangerous threat even when he does not have access to his powers.

Not bad, but I think I prefer the colors on the previous Cyclops from the Warlock wave.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey is an Omega-Level mutant, possessing incredible telekinetic and telepathic powers, making her one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Universe. As a telepath she is capable of forming psychic links with others, creating illusions, and even manipulate or control minds.

I love the little details they added to her legs and sides of her arms.

For some reason, I can’t stop thinking of actress Angelina Jolie when I see this head sculpt.

She’s definitely a huge leap from the old Rocket Raccoon wave Jean.

She comes with an alternate “ponytail” head.

The ponytail head has a better range of articulation compared to the long haired one.


The best-known Marvel anti-hero, Wolverine is one of the few superheroes willing to use deadly force to get things done. Probably the most popular X-man around, Logan is known for his Adamantium skeleton, an almost unbeatable healing factor and fierce temperament.

The set features “battle damaged” head for the figure. It’s plugged in by default.

As a bonus, the set also features his “bone claws” look, from when he lost his Adamantium coating for his bones when Magneto (painfully) stripped the metal from him.

The set also includes his “Adamantium claw hands”, too.

Sigh… so many decades into Marvel Legends and they still can’t seem to find a cure to prevent Wolverine’s claws from deforming while in package…

Lastly, he comes with an unmasked head, which seems to be a scaled-down head from the 12 inch ML Wolverine?

It even comes with a mask to hang on his back.

The yellow on this guy more or less matches the shade of yellow from the Hulk Vs. Wolverine set, so you can have the figure swap heads for a “cartoon colors” Wolverine (you’d have to swap the belts too, though, and that’s going to take a lot of work).

Not bad.

The X-men team’s “Big Three”.

Overall, a good set, I would’ve preferred if they added effects for Cyclops and Jean, but I think a lot of people will still be happy. I did have QC issues with paint apps on Jean and Logan’s claws, but at this point, I think we all have to accept Hasbro’s QC on Marvel Legends is a far cry from what Bandai, Storm Collectibles and Figma are doing and it’s never going to get better, sadly.

Back in the 90s, Jean eventually chose Scott over Logan, marrying Cyclops. In present day (House of X).. things have gotten… complicated with the trio.

Forget this, I’m outta here!


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