Marvel Legends Marvel 80th Anniversary Ghost and Luis

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Marvel Legends Marvel 80th Anniversary Ghost and Luis

Scott Lang’s best friend gets his own action figure! Kinda cool, but surprising at the same time. I guess this was more likely to happen than Kirk Douglas signing off on his likeness for an action figure.

Michael Pena’s Luis was a really good addition to the Ant-Man movies. You could almost always expect some hijinx would happen whenever he was onscreen. The figure sports a very good likeness of the guy.

Comes with a shrunken Pym Lab, just like in the movie.

No wheels underneath.

Stroller handle is collapsible.

Giant ant included.

I would probably freak out if I saw a real ant that big….

I love the gag for this: “X-Con” (Ex-convict) Security Consultants. I wonder if we’ll see his partners, Dave and Kurt down the road?


Ava Starr gains intangibility powers as a result of a quantum accident. S.H.I.E.L.D. creates a suit for her to stabilize her powers and uses her as an operative.

Aside from intangibility, she also possesses enhanced strength as a result of her quantum powers, along with invisibility. She has also been trained by S.H.I.E.L.D. to be a master spy and assassin.

The set comes with an alternate “unmasked” head. Hmm… the likeness isn’t quite spot on?

Complete with folded hood.

Ghost was eventually “temporarily healed”, thanks to Janet Van Dyne giving her some quantum energy that stabilized her. However, this is leaves an ambiguous ending for her character, as she would require Janet to continuously infuse her with quantum energy until a real cure could be found, but the Ant-Man team turned to dust thanks to the “Snap”, so there was no one left to help Ghost during the 5 year time lapse, except for Bill Foster, assuming he wasn’t snapped as well.


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