Marvel Legends Marvel 80th Anniversary Grandmaster and Korg

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Marvel Legends Marvel 80th Anniversary Grandmaster and Korg

I have to admit I was surprised to see Korg so tall once the box was out of the way, it didn’t seem like he was tall while in the package.


En Dwi Gast is the ruler of Sakaar and creator of the “Contest of Champions”. He enslaves Thor and makes him fight other warriors for sport.

I never thought we would see the day when Marvel Legends would have detailed feet sculpt work like this!

His robe can be unbuttoned.

Grandmaster comes with his Melt Stick, used for executing those the Grandmaster deems unworthy.


Korg is a Kronan and like Thor, was forced to fight in the “Contest of Champions” for the pleasure of the Grandmaster.

Korg’s only accessory is a Skaraan laser rifle. Meant to be held with two hands like a shotgun, I honestly thought it was a melee weapon until I looked it up.

It seems a lot of tooling went into this figure, what are the odds we’ll see this mold redone and repainted into comics-accurate colors down the road?

I wonder if Hasbro will ever make Korg’s buddy Miek one day?


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