Marvel Legends Marvel 80th Anniversary Hela and Executioner

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Marvel Legends Marvel 80th Anniversary Hela and Executioner


Rewritten as Odin’s firstborn for the MCU (she was originally Loki’s daughter in the comics), she was imprisoned by her father after he feared she had become too ambitious after countless victories in battle in conquering the other realms. She returns to extract her revenge on Odin and Asgard.

The set now features more accurate face paint for Hela with her headdress on.

Her cape and parts of her headdress is removable.

She also comes with more alternate heads than her previous release in the Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok series.

She also comes with a “hammer-holding” hand to recreate the scene from the movie.

Lastly, she comes with effects parts for her “magic”. It’s the same effects parts as Scarlet Witch’s.


Skurge is an Asgardian who always follows the Enchantress in the Marvel Comics, in the MCU he allies himself with Hela to bring Asgard to its knees.

He comes with his enchanted axe.

I gotta say, the head sculpt of actor Karl Urban here is really good.

Skurge also comes with a pair of machine guns, which he got from a place called “Tex-ass”.

“I am the Law!” … oh wait…


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