Marvel Legends Marvel 80th Anniversary Iron Man and Iron Spider

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Marvel Legends Marvel 80th Anniversary Iron Man and Iron Spider


Labeled “Item 17A”, also known as the Iron Spider Armor. First seen at the end of Spider-man Homecoming, this suit uses the same nanotechnology Tony Stark used to make his Mark 50 armor. The suit can be stored in nanite form and can materialize around the wearer’s body.

The new suit features armored web-shooters.


Unfortunately, the pegs block the spider logo on Spidey’s back.

lol… “instant-kill mode”, really? Not very “friendly neighborhood” now is it?

The likeness for actor Tom Holland is kinda there, but something seems off? Maybe it’s the lack of an upper lip? Still, I think it’s an improvement from the previous head that came with the Iron Man Mark 47 Armor 2-pack.

Iron Man Mark L armor

Featuring new nanite technology, Iron Man can reshape his armor to create new weapons and whatever he needs on the fly, from cannons to shields and even bladed weapons. When not activated, the suit is stored in nanite form inside Tony’s Arc Reactor.

Standard repulsor effects included

Repulsor cannons

Cluster cannon – a combination of the forearm cannons plus four more cannons that appear out of the unit’s back.

The four cannons attach via this clear peg, hopefully it won’t turn brittle or snap off one day.



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