Marvel Legends Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years Series Infinity War 3 pack

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Marvel Legends Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years Series Infinity War 3 pack

Collect all 10 boxes to form the mural!

Iron Man Mark L

When the MCU started, I don’t think anyone would’ve anticipated we get to Mark L (50) for the Iron Man Armors. Granted the Iron Legion “House Party” protocol was a bit of a cheat, it’s still cool they came out with so many designs.

Comes with Repulsor effects parts.

Dual Repulsors

This version of the Mark L is different from the solo pack version that came with the Infinity War wave, this one has a light up Arc Reactor chest. Simply push on Iron Man’s belly and the reactor will light up for 2 seconds or so.

On switch on the back.

It requires 3x LR44 batteries to run, I recommend removing the batteries when not in use.


A retool from the BAF, this version of MCU movie Thanos comes with an “angry” head and slightly lighter colors on Thanos.

This version’s Infinity Gauntlet is also retooled into having an open hand (BAF version has a closed fist).

The BAF version

Angry titan

Doctor Strange

Hasbro outdid themselves with the likeness of actor Benedict Cumberbatch this time around. It’s crazy! I can’t imagine how they came about the “Face Print” technology for capturing actor likenesses, and why it can’t be done by other companies. The cloak of Levitation has also been redone.

The Doctor also has Time Stone effects on his right arm. I don’t think they can be removed?

Doctor Strange from the Dormammu BAF wave

Doctor Strange also comes with his protection spell accessory (same as from the earlier figure release).


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