Marvel Legends Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years Series Iron Man 3 3pack

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Marvel Legends Marvel Studios: The First Ten Years Series Iron Man 3 3pack

Collect all 10 boxes to form the mural!

Pepper Potts

Based on her appearance in the final battle in Iron Man 3, she appears wearing basically her underwear and a pair of stretch pants. C’mon Hasbro, is this the best outfit in the whole movie you could go for??

Hehe. bare feet. I’m curious to see where Hasbro plans to reuse this mold later on.

The “Face Print” head sculpt for Gwenneth Paltrow is spot on!

She comes with a “armored arm” accessory, as seen in the movie.

The good news here is that her head and complexion matches that of Claire Temple from the Netflix Luke Cage 2pack, so if you have a spare Claire figure, you can use that instead of the silly “almost naked” look for Ms. Potts.

The head fits perfectly onto the peg. Zero issues.

Iron Man Mark XXII (Hot Rod Armor)

A redeco of the Iron Patriot armor minus the shoulder cannon, but using Tony’s car restoration hobby “Hot Rod” colors.

Too bad this does not come with any accessories.

Another addition to the ever growing armors, we still have a long ways to go before we even get to complete all of them in the ML line (both MCU and comics versions).

The Mandarin (Trevor Slattery)

To this day, I still can’t quite come to grips with the MCU Mandarin turning out to NOT be this guy. I would’ve preferred it if they didn’t go for the mystery villain bait and switch and gave us a straight up Mandarin vs Iron Man fight instead. Sigh…

Love the rings on this figure.

“Well, I, um, I had a little problem with, um, substances. And I ended up doing things, no two ways about it, in the street, that a man shouldn’t do.”

“You know who I am, you don’t know where I am. You’ll never see me coming.”


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