Marvel Legends MCU First Ten Years Quicksilver

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Marvel Legends MCU First Ten Years Quicksilver

Pietro Maximoff and his sister Wanda swore vengeance upon Tony Stark for the death of their parents. Joining Hydra, the duo gain powers after being experimented on by Baron Von Strucker and the Mind Stone. After briefly joining with Ultron to destroy the Avengers, the siblings eventually defect in order to save the world from catastrophe. Quicksilver sadly gives up his life to safe Hawkeye from a hail of bullets in the final battle.

The figure is using the pinless joints design.

The sculpt is pretty decent I guess. The likeness of actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson is decent enough.

The set should’ve really come with a base of some sort to hold the figure in a running pose. I guess we’ll all have to provide our own.

The set comes with some broken Ultron bot parts.

It’s a shame Quicksilver can only hold onto one of the parts.

Overall, a somewhat decent figure. I only got this when it finally, finally went on clearance to complete the “First 10 years” lineup, as there was never any real urgency to get Quicksilver after he died so unceremoniously in Avengers 2, which is really a shame, as having a character with speed is always visually interesting to look at on the big screen.


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