Marvel Legends Mindless One Partial Wave

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Marvel Legends Mindless One Partial Wave

Iron Man (Midnight Suns)
Lady Bullseye
Mindless One

Iron Man (Midnight Suns)

Based on Iron Man’s appearance in the “Marvel’s Midnight Suns” video game released back in Dec 2022. It’s one of the “skins” for Iron Man to be unlocked in the game, alongside the other Marvel heroes in the roster, Iron Man’s uniform is upgraded to gold and black along with flames shooting out of the sides of his shoulders (it’s a group motif thing).

The figure reuses some parts from the older Gamerverse Iron Man figure.

Admittedly, I’ve never played the game so I don’t really know much about the plot or what upgrades this new suit has for Iron Man.

In the game, Iron Man’s shoulders are supposed to have flames blasting out of them. Sadly, that effect is not recreated here.

Since the figure reuses parts from the Gamerverse IM body mold, expect pinned joints.

I gotta say though, I am liking the gold and black deco more than I thought I would.

Naturally, the set comes with Repulsor effects parts for old Shellhead.


Eric Cross Brooks/Frank Blade is a part-vampire, part-human vampire hunter. Born with vampire enzymes in his blood when his mother was bitten just as she was undergoing childbirth, Blade is then gifted with superhuman strength and endurance with none of a vampires’ weaknesses. Training himself in various forms of martial arts since childhood to destroy the scourge of the vampires from the face of the planet, Blade will stop at nothing to accomplish his goal.

While Blade is immune to the effects of sunlight on vampire physiology, it’s not quite clear in the comics if he requires blood to survive (this was shown only in the movies, I think). Unlike in the movies, I don’t think he has a “vampire’s bloodlust” in the comics?

Blade’s arms are reused from X-Force Havok from the 2-pack, so they have pins. His legs are new so they’re pinless. His body is actually a reuse from the older Hasbro Marvel Legends Blade buck.

While it’s cool that we get angry Blade, I do wish Hasbro included an alternate “stoic” head. It’s kind of weird to see him with his jaw open all the time.

Blade comes with his iconic Katana.

His sword can be sheathed into the scabbard on his back.

The set also comes with a pair of glaives for Blade to use in close quarters combat.

Lastly, as a vampire hunter, he naturally has to come with a pair of wooden stakes to finish off his adversaries.

Aside from his impressive durability and raw strength, Blade is a master of several different styles of martial arts.

Lady Bullseye

Introduced into the Daredevil comics in 2008, Maki Matsumoto is a skilled lawyer by day, assassin by night. Inspired by the supervillain hit man, Bullseye, who indirectly saved her life when she was young, she trains herself to become a master of several different fighting styles in order to become an assassin as well. She then attacks Daredevil in order to take control of the Hand organization from him.

I gotta admit, I am really impressed by this figure!

I find the simplicity of the figure’s sculpt really impressive. It’s “clean” and the female form really stands out well to me.

The figure uses the new pinless joints female buck.

It’s really great too that Hasbro included a whole bunch of weapons with Lady Bullseye. Along with the Mindless One’s bulky torso, I think this set offers the most bang for the buck in the wave.

She comes with a Katana.

Next, she comes with a pair of Sai daggers.

Lastly, the set comes with a pair of Japanese War Fans for Lady Bullseye.

Impressively, while she has no super powers, her skill and dedicated training make her move faster than the original Bullseye and she has been able to defeat Daredevil in combat.


A member of the magical Faltine race and the niece of the dark lord Dormammu, Clea would eventually become the “Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension”. Capable of generating and manipulating her own magical energies, she can create magical constructs as well as throw powerful bolts of magical energy at her opponents.

Eventually mentored by Stephen Strange, she would later marry Stephen and become his wife in the comics.

Aside from her magic abilities, her natural Faltine physiology makes her body tougher and stronger than normal humans.

Sadly, unlike Lady Bullseye, the figure uses the older Marvel Legends female body, so no double-jointed elbows. At least we get pinless joints though.

I’m really curious sometimes where the sculptors for the ML brands get their inspiration for female headsculpts from. They almost always look really impressive and rarely disappoint, while still looking unique to each female character. It does make one stop and notice the pretty faces.

Effects parts for her hands are included with this set.

While Clea’s form appears as that of a young woman, her true age is unknown and it is implied that she has actually lived for centuries.

Mindless One

Originally beings from another dimension, the Mindless Ones are accidentally brought into the Dark Dimension and eventually fall under the control of Dormammu. Nearly unstoppable, these creatures are incredibly strong and insanely durable thanks to their rock-like hide. Lacking any real intelligence, these brutes can only be contained but cannot be destroyed.

As a BAF, the figure is quite big and bulky, it stands roughly 7.5 inches tall.

In the comics, it is eventually revealed that these creatures were created by the Duke of Hell, Plokta, before they were eventually transported to the Dark Dimension.

Aside from its strength and durability, each Mindless One can also shoot beams of powerful energy from its eye.

The effects part simply clips into the eye slot. Personally, I kind of wish Hasbro gave us a proper “optic blast” effect instead of … whatever this is supposed to be.

The (partial) wave.

I didn’t really feel like getting King Daredevil and the new Hand Ninja (Not the most iconic look for these characters) I might pick up Luke Cage later, maybe. In the end, I decided to just get the figures that I needed for this wave and called it a day.


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