Marvel Legends Mobius

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Marvel Legends Mobius

An agent of the Time Variance Authority, Mobius M. Mobius works with the agency to hunt down dangerous variants (variations of people from that don’t fit in “the sacred timeline”) in order to prevent the creation of branching alternate timelines.

The figure uses the standard “three-piece suited body” from the Marvel Legends line.

The likeness of actor Owen Wilson’s character is pretty good, all things considered.

Interesting tie for Mobuis, I never noticed it looking like that in the series.

Mobius comes with a TemPad, which is used for creating portals to jump through space and time in the Loki series.

Do note that the TemPad tends to fall apart quite easily, it was quite a struggle to get Mobius to hold it properly for this shot without the monitor part falling off.

Mobius also comes with the TVA’s Time Stick, which is a weapon used to stun or slow down variant offenders on contact.

Overall, a pretty basic figure. I’m surprised this wasn’t released as part of a wave with a Build-A-Figure in order to get it to sell. Pretty gutsy move there Hasbro. It didn’t work as they hoped though, as the figure was eventually relegated to clearance (which is why I finally picked it up). I did enjoy the Loki series though, so pairing Mobius with my Loki figure seemed like the right thing to do. I’m still on the fence as to whether to get Sylvie or not…


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