Marvel Legends Monster Venom Wave

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Marvel Legends Monster Venom Wave

Poison (Spider-Man)
Typhoid Mary
Monster Venom


A rerelease of sorts from the Absorbing Man wave, this figure uses the same body, but sports an all new, open-maw head.

Lethal Protector

The figure comes with an alternate Eddie Brock head.

The symbiote effect can be removed.

The head looks really good, hopefully, with the upcoming Hydroman figure, we can slap the head on that buck to create a “plainclothes” version of Eddie.

Venom from the Absorbing Man wave:

Alternate head from the Absorbing Man wave (open maw with tongue), I think I still prefer this version the best.


The figure is a straight up reissue of the previous Carnage figure that came with the Ultimate Green Goblin wave.

From the Ultimate Green Goblin wave

The high point of this figure is that it comes with an alternate Cletus Cassidy head.

The sculpt work is amazing, you can see the crazy in that grin. This would make an excellent Joker head if anyone would want customize it.

It also comes with a new axe hand accessory.

Sometimes I think they created this guy to make Venom look like a hero, by creating something far worse. lol…

Symbiote tussle.

Poison (Spider-Man)

This is actually Spider-man, but a corrupted version of the wall crawler from another universe. In the Venomverse saga (something similar to Spider-verse), Venom is recruited alongside various alien symbiote versions of other heroes from across the multiverse to help fight an invasion by the Poisons, an alien life form capable of invading symbiotes and turning them into creatures of pure evil. A symbiote-wearing Spider-man is one of the last of the heroes to fall in the storyline’s first conclusion.

The figure doesn’t really come with any real accessories, but the tooling for the body is something new to the Legends line, makes me wonder what Hasbro is planning for this buck.

Poison Spidey is actually insanely powerful, being able to hold off various symbiote-powered heroes all by himself.

The comic held an interesting moment, wherein we would see what could possibly happen if Venom faced off against a ruthless, symbiote-powered Spidey in a no holds barred battle. Sadly, the payoff didn’t really come to pass as we never see the climax of it, or even an explanation of how Venom did it. We just get an off-panel victory that Venom won and made it back in time to escape with the others. Sigh…


Ahh…. good old Spider-Ham, first appearing in a humorous one shot, Marvel Tails, Starring Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham, the character gained popularity and finally gets an action figure in the Marvel Legends line.

His hails from alternate Earth-8311, where the population consists of anthropomorphic versions of Marvel characters. He has all the powers and abilities of the main universe’s Spider-man.

Sadly, the figure itself is really lacking in the joints and poseability department. C’mon Hasbro, we got more articulation with Hit Monkey. Ham features no moving joints below the waist.

As a bonus of sorts, we get a Pork Grind head. Pork Grind is a villain created to be a foil for Spider-Ham. Even though he looks like Venom, he does not seem to demonstrate any of the symbiote abilities.

It was revealed that this guy speaks with an Australian accent for some reason.

Oh well, at least we get some extra mileage out of the (extra) Venom body, since we have two of the exact same buck now. Uhhm… yay?


Part of the Venom: Lethal Protector saga villains, Scream is another one of five of Venom’s symbiote offspring, alongside Riot, Lasher, Agony and Phage.

Her real name is Donna Diego. She is the unofficial leader of the Symbiote team.

Apart from her claws, she also uses her big hair as a weapon, similar to how Medusa of the Inhumans uses her hair to entangle her opponents.

It was later revealed that she was schizophrenic was the one responsible for killing her “siblings” and framing Venom.

Lasher was already released as part of the Lizard wave.

Typhoid Mary

Mary Walker is a mutant who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, she possess four personalities, “Mary” the timid pacifist, “Typhoid” the adventurous, violent spirit, “Bloody Mary”, the brutal, sadistic, man-hating killer and a fourth, unspecified personality.

Mary has the mutant ability to control flame (pyrokinesis) and has low level telekinesis and mind control.

She comes with a katana with flame effects.

Mary is also a skilled martial artist and works with the Hand in fighting Daredevil.

Monster Venom

I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen a BAF torso piece come in halves. Pretty clever.

I could be wrong about this, but I think this is meant to be the Mac Gargan (the Scorpion) version of Venom from his time as one of the Thunderbolts. Considering the way the Spider sigil on the torso is designed. We really need Hasbro to include bios for their BAFs.

He’s bigger than “regular” Venom.

Too bad we don’t get any effects parts to work with this guy, he looks imposing and the colors they went with for this figure really works.

The full wave


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