Marvel Legends Moon Knight

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Marvel Legends Moon Knight

Marc Spector was originally a CIA mecernary, who, after a near death experience, became the avatar for the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. Investing his vast earnings as a mercenary to develop crime fighting tech. He becomes the superhero, Moon Knight.

Moon Knight actually has a form of dissociative identity disorder, which creates various independent personalities such as millionaire Steve Grant, or taxi cab driver Jake Lockley.

From his time as a mercenary, Moon Knight has mastered various forms of martial arts. He also once was able to become stronger, depending on the lunar cycle (full moons grant him greatest physical strength), until that ability was later lost.

The set comes with an extra “dark face” head, based on how Moon Knight appears in the dark in the comics sometimes.

Moon Knight’s usual “go to” weapon (when not throwing “Moonrangs”)is his staff.

He also throws various “Moonrangs” or crescent-shaped projectiles.

In the comics, this character actually draws several similarities with Batman, as both are expert detectives and both use their vastt fortunes to create gear and specialized vehicles to fight crime. The only real difference is that Moon Knight is officially mentally unstable, has several different personalities under the mask and he acknowledges it.

Moon Knight is scheduled to appear in his own TV series on the Disney+ channel soon, with actor Oscar Isaac taking on the role.


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