Marvel Legends Mystique

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Marvel Legends Mystique

Raven Darkholme works for Magneto as one of his agents in the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She is one of the X-men’s oldest foes, occasional ally and mother of Kurt Wagner, better known as Nightcrawler from the X-men.

A Walgreens exclusive figure, this figure is based on her classic look in the comics.

Since she has no real offensive capabilities apart from shape shifting and increased speed and reflexes, she has to rely on weapons to get certain jobs done.

She also comes with a huge gun.

The drum magazine can be removed from the gun.

She comes with alternate heads based on Rogue and Lilandra.

The Lilandra body is best paired with the Silver Sable body from the Spider-man Kingpin wave, as she appears almost always wearing silver all the time anyways.

To complete the look, the only cape that I can think of to use is Emma Frost’s cape from the old Annihilus wave. But that would require painting the cape from white to blue.


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