Marvel Legends New Mutants Dani Moonstar

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Marvel Legends New Mutants Dani Moonstar

Dani Moonstar is a Native American member and co-leader of the Junior X-men team, the New Mutants. As her codename, Mirage, shows, she can create illusions and with enough focus, she can create solid objects out of psionic energy, from ordinary items to weapons.

Moonstar also possesses the mutant telepathic ability to “talk” to animals.

Wow… for once, we finally get an arrow to go with a bow in the Hasbro Marvel Legends series!!

It’s too bad she does not come with a hand for properly holding said arrow… c’mon, Hasbro…

The braids can be removed or repositioned.

Thanks to her time as a Valkyrie, she also learns combat skills and becomes a very skilled archer.

The set comes with spare heads, since they all generally wear the same uniform, you can quickly fill out the ranks of this Mutant team.

As a welcome bonus, I now have 3 arrows. Whee…

Rahne Sinclair is the superheroine known as Wolfsbane, who can transform into either a humanoid wolf, or go full wolf. In her alternate forms, she gains increased strength and durability, she also has an increased healing ability that allows her to recover faster than normal humans.

Vietnamese Xi’an Coy Manh is the mutant known as Karma, she has the ability to take possession of others and even alter their memories. She can even do possession remotely and on multiple targets. She is also capable of large-scale illusion casting with Moonstar’s help, fooling even the sharp senses of the villain Sabertooth.

As a side effect of staying too long in a person’s mind, she can become lost and her personality would slowly become similar to the host’s.

Too bad this was never released locally (it was a Walgreens exclusive in the US), it would’ve been nice to get 2 more bodies to make Magma (using parts from the Captain Marvel) and Magik (Illyana Rasputin) to help round out the team.


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