Marvel Legends Phage

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Marvel Legends Phage

One of five symbiote spawns taken by the Life Foundation from Venom’s symbiote in the “Venom: Lethal Protector” comics saga, Phage is bonded to mercenary Carl Mach. Venom later asks for help from his long-time nemesis, Spider-man, to help take down the Life Foundation and his five “offspring”.

Like all other Symbiotes, Phage shares the same powers and abilities as Venom, as well as weaknesses like sonic attacks or fire.

The set comes with a melee arm attachment for Phage.

So far, out of the five new symbiotes from the “Venom: Lethal Protector” saga, we’ve gotten Phage, Lasher (Lizard Wave) and Scream (Monster Venom wave). So it’s down to Riot and Agony to go…

As I already mentioned in the Venom Movie figure post, I’m going to skip most of the guys in this wave, as they’re just rehashes of already released characters based on variations that only appeared in a shortly in the comics, not quite iconic or worth my time or money I think. Plus it’s getting to the point that I wonder if I’ll be able to display everything and how that display would work since there would be multiples of the same character all over the place.


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