Marvel Legends Puff Adder Wave

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Marvel Legends Puff Adder Wave

Iron Man (Extremis)
Molecule Man
Baron Von Strucker
Yelena Belova
Wonder Man
Captain America (Ultimates)
Puff Adder

Iron Man (Extremis)

Tony Stark’s Model 30 (later renumbered Model 29) armor. Utilizing nanotechnology, Tony can store and summon the armor’s golden undersheath in his bone marrow, allowing for direct mental interface with his armor (with the aid of the Extremis drug).

The figure is welcome “upgrade” figure over the original “Return of Marvel Legends” wave’s Extremis Armor Iron Man from 2012. It’s bigger and definitely scales better to other ML figures.

Thanks to the Extremis drug and direct mental interface with his systems, Stark could now directly access satellites and control several armors at once. Aside from the standard Iron Man armor weaponry, the suit also had explosive micro munitions and features cloaking technology. It can also fly at speeds exceeding Mach 8.

The set comes with optional Repulsor effects parts.

As usual, the parts can also be plugged into the bottom of Iron Man’s feet for propulsion effect.

I think it’s very cool that this figure can almost flawlessly pull of the “hero landing” pose, thanks to it’s “drop down” hip joints and mid torso joints.

Molecule Man

After lab technician Owen Reese is accidentally exposed to radiation from the Beyonder, he gains the ability to manipulate anything on a molecular level, changing its base properties at will. He eventually learns to bend even multiversal reality to his will.

The figure shares some parts with Classic Red Skull and Classic Dormammu.

Good thing this figure comes with “grabby hands” so he can look like he’s manipulating matter.

The figure comes with effects parts for Molecule Man.

To attach the effects parts, it’s best to swap out the hands for fists.

In the comics, Molecule Man is often the enemy of the Fantastic Four.

Baron Von Strucker

Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker is one of the leaders of the terrorist organization, Hydra. Ageless from ingesting a serum created by Hydra scientist to keep himself in peak physical form and slow down his body’s natural aging. Aside from being an exceptional combatant and marksman, Von Strucker possesses a keen military intellect as well.

Yikes, the buldging “H” sure makes the figure look awkward… maybe he’s just happy to see Madame Hydra? lol…

Baron Von Strucker also possesses the Satan Claw, a mechanical weapon that increases his strength as well as give the Baron the ability to shoot electrical shocks at his opponents.

The set comes with effects parts for Von Strucker.

Personally, I think it works better if you swap the effects parts around for these two.

Yelena Belova

The second person to adopt the codename “Black Widow” after Natasha Romanov deserted the role, Yelena was sent to kill and replace Natasha to assert herself as the new “Black Widow”. Her look here is based on her more recent outfit, during the time she was working for AIM and given the powers of Super-Adaptoid to take on the Avengers, enabling her to copy the powers of any nearby superhero in rapid succession.

Sigh… it’s a shame Hasbro went with the older female body design for this figure. It still uses single elbow joints and pinned knees.

She comes with two different side arms.

Her non-silenced pistol can be holstered on her right leg.

She has “blast” and “smoke” effects pieces that can be attached to all of her weapons.

Lastly, she comes with a sniper rifle, that comes with an optional strap.

Thankfully, even with no butterfly shoulder joints or double elbows, Yelena can still pull of some decent shooting poses with the sniper rifle.

Wonder Man

Simon Williams was once a rich industrialist and owner of Williams Innovations. Falling on hard times and blaming his rival Tony Stark, he allows himself to be experimented on by Baron Zemo and Enchantress. He later turned on Zemo and joined the Avengers. His powers include flight, Super Strength, enhanced vision and hearing and the ability to fire ionic energy beams.

As Wonder Man, Simon has worn several different costumes over the years, but this red “safari” jacket is probably the most iconic as it’s his uniform from when he first officially joined the Avengers from way back in 1977. The outfit was designed by famed artist George Perez.

Pretty great head sculpt. Aside from being a wealthy industrialist, Simon Williams was also briefly a movie star for a time.

Heh.. for some reason, I can’t unsee actor James Marsden with this headsculpt.

The design of the safari jacket hampers the leg articulation a bit.

Too bad the “shades” aren’t removable. His eyes are painted underneath though.

I’m really glad the figure comes with optional “grabby hands”, they add some flair to his poses.

In the comics, Wonder Man is originally able to fly thanks to rocket packs in his belt (also initially given to him by Baron Zemo). He later on learns to fly without the rocket belt once he fully gains control of his ionic powers. The set comes with optional “blast” effects for recreating propulsion from his rocket belt.

Using a third party display base to add some mileage to this figure.

Wonder Man from the Captain America: Civil War Abomination wave


Based on the second Marvel Comics character to name himself “Orb” (the former being a disfigured stuntman), this version of the Orb was born with an eyeball for a head. Not much is known about this character’s background other than that he was raised as a circus freak.

The body is a reuse of the older Marvel Legends Bucky Captain America figure with a new collar piece added.

As he is a reuse of the old Bucky body, the figure still uses pinned joints.

He comes with his ray gun as his only accessory, which can apparently fire repulsor blasts.

The ray gun has a hole for effects parts if you have some spare ones for it.

Unlike his predecessor, Orb II cannot hypnotize people. He’s actually pretty useless as he has no real powers and only relies on his ray gun for his supervillain gimmick.

At least he still has his little ray gun…

Captain America (Ultimates)

Based on Captain America’s appearance in the Ultimates, set in another universe. In the Ultimates Universe (Earth-1610), Steve Rogers’ origins are roughly the same as his main Earth-616 counterpart, but his story is more focused and without the 60+ years of backstory to convolute his history.

I love the embossed star logo on the figure’s shoulders.

Heh.. Ultimate universe’s Cap’s belt is more practical, it comes with a water canteen.

Cap’s new shield is bigger this time around.

It can still be pegged into his back.

He also comes with an alternate “netural” head, while the “angry” head is the default attachment.

Cap comes with a new right hand for holding his shield.

As well as an “open” left hand.

Puff Adder

Gordon Fraley is a mutant with the ability to inflate and increase his body mass up to 10 feet tall and weighing over five tons. He can only hold this form for a maximum of 15 minutes at a time. Naming himself Puff Adder, Gordon soon joins the Serpent Society.

The figure stands roughly 8 inches tall.

Yeah. This buck’s still using pinned joints… sigh..

Aside from his ability to “grow”, Puff Adder also possesses a minor degree of superhuman strength and stamina.

His costume’s cowl is also able to emit noxious gas to take out opponents who get too close. The gas is so toxic, it can even melt steel.

Thankfully, this is one of those rare times Hasbro included alternate “grabbing” hands for this BAF.

The Serpent Society lineup we’ve gotten so far:
King Cobra
Rock Python
Viper (Madam Hydra)

The full wave


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