Marvel Legends Ragnarok (Clone Thor)

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Marvel Legends Ragnarok (Clone Thor)

With the real Thor presumed dead or missing, Reed Richards, Tony Stark and Henry Pym create an android-clone of Thor to be deployed as a deterrent to the anti-registration forces in the original Civil War saga, Ragnarok almost copies Thor’s levels of strength, power and abilities. The clone eventually goes berserk and kills Black Goliath (William Foster), further creating mistrust amongst the divided heroes.

The figure is a reuse of the 80th Anniversary Thor with some minor changes and comes with extra accessories.

The set comes with a default head with “battle damage” revealing its cyborg face.

Hasbro also included a cyborg hand to accompany said cyborg face.

Thankfully, Hasbro included an “undamaged” head for Ragnarok, which is the same head from the 80th Anniversary Thor but with his eyes painted red. Note that the details on the “wings” are different though.

Ragnarok’s hammer has the same engraving written on it as the real Thor’s.

Of course the best part of this set is the new “spinning Mjolnir” accessory.

This piece actually features 8 hammers together.

Impressively, the entire hammer piece actually spins, thanks to it being mounted on a joint. Very cool execution by the Hasbro Marvel Legends team here.

In the comics, Ragnarok (lovingly referred to by some fans as “Clor/ Clone Thor”), has actually been totally destroyed more than once (previously by Hercules and then, later by Thor on a separate occassion), yet it keeps getting “repaired” and brought back to life by AIM scientist and other organizations. Currently, he’s still around in the comics but now acknowledges he is a clone and sports a completely different look to distinguish himself from Thor.

Overall, a decent set. I passed on this the first time around since I’m not really a fan of the whole clone Thor thing and it is still essentially the 80th Anniversary figure under there. I eventually gave in after this set went on clearance just for the spinning hammer accessory, which thankfully can be also used by the 80th Anniversary Thor.


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