Marvel Legends Red Hulk (2020 version)

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Marvel Legends Red Hulk (2020 version)

Given the ability to transform into the Hulk by A.I.M., an obsessed General Thaddeus Ross uses his new powers to fight and defeat his son-in-law, Bruce Banner, a.k.a. the Incredible Hulk.

Red Hulk stands roughly 8.5 inches tall.

Unlike Banner, Ross maintains his intellect and tactical mind in his Hulk form, making him a truly dangerous opponent in battle. He also has the ability to absorb energy. On his first outing, the Red Hulk killed Hulk adversaries Abomination and Wendigo.

The only weakness the Red Hulk (Rulk) has is that unlike Green Hulk, he doesn’t get stronger when he becomes angrier. Instead, he generates increasing intense amounts of heat as a battle goes on. The more heat he generates, the weaker he actually becomes, to the point that it is possible to knock him out.

After Ross is later defeated and incarcerated, a second, more heroic Red Hulk is introduced in the comics in 2017, his alter ego is General Robert Maverick. Unlike the Ross version, Maverick can only transform for one hour a day using something called a “Hulk Plug-In” system. Also, unlike Ross, he maintains his mustache in his Rulk form.

Comparison with the Hulk from the 80th Anniversary Wolverine 2-pack.

Yep… same as the 2-pack Hulk, this guy is sporting baby feet.


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